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hard zdoom map w/ randomized enemies/items

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Took me 4 tries to kill 4 archviles ...


potatoes? really? I mean, you use them to make french fries, but potatoes? Would've gone for carrots. Carrot cake - yum ;)

No fda because you made it for an older version of zdoom and I'm not sure how well fdas work with scripts anyway.

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Sometimes, if you're lucky, it even says 'tomatoes'.
The first 2 difficulties can be a pain when the targeted enemy never seems to warp in. Thanks for playing my awesomely-textured map.

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GZDoom 1.5.6, skill 3, about a dozen tries, I don't know the time because it somehow passed through the tally screen without me pressing any key.

I wasn't sure which settings did you intend this for so I went for Doom (strict) in compatibility settings, although I allowed myself to use no autoaim and mouse freelook. General strategy was to stay in movement first and foremost, aim weak monsters to get the kill count up, keep BFG ammo for tough spots, and avoid cybies/masterminds at all costs (as they make for great infighters and are rather dangerous to kill in these confined spaces, letting them live is a win-win situation).

In that run it seems only one archvile spawned ? Regardless I often get to 500 monsters before I kill 4 archviles (unless they die from infighting and I don't see them, which might be a possibility), so it seems kind of backwards. ;)

Edit : wow I watched the first two minutes of my demo and the mouse movement looks incredibly ackward, too "sharp". It doesn't look like that at all ingame when I play. Doesn't affect the result itself, but it's not very enjoyable to watch...

Edit 2 : I tried skill 1 and I don't understand what do the counters on bottom mean. I assumed "AR" meant archviles, but I've seen archviles spawning without the counter going up, so I assume it's not "monsters spawning" ; and I've seen the AR counter being equal to 7, yet the walls wouldn't lower on skill 1, so I assume it's not "monster kills" either. Then I've tried and killed one archvile, and watched to see which counter moved... DE went from 0 to 1, then a few seconds from 1 to 2. DE would mean demons to me, but hey. I don't understand anything about these counters, and it's frustrating.

Edit 3 : Yeah, 30-35 tries on skill 1 and I still haven't seen the exit. It seems even cybies and MMs spawn more often than archies, and I'm often getting 500 kills before killing more than one or two archies, at least with my settings ; so I'd say skill 1 is harder than 2 which is harder than 3.

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I'll try the avoid cybers/masterminds strategy (I was mostly killing them). I guess I'll try your demo on friday when I'll hopefully have my internet setup on my 'doom pc' so I can download that gzdoom version easier. A dozen tries is a lot less than it took me too.
I think there is some sort of 'smooth demo playback' option hidden in the menu. I turned that OFF when I finally discovered it, much better to see it raw and jerky (maybe that was prboom+ though, I forget). Actually I reread and it seems you have the opposite problem but I know little about gzdoom.
I should have put the time on the bottom of the screen for skill 3/4. Time doesn't really matter for the first 2 because you have to wait for the needed monsters to warp in.

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