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Annoying backround

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So when I joined this forum, i was given (and I'm sure all of you have) a choice on what type of background theme whenever i log into the forum . . . unfortunately i chose the "post hell" theme, and have been stuck with it ever since. Don't get me wrong its awesome :D but its annoying the hell out of me, especially the background music lol is there anyway to change it . . . or am I trapped in here with this for all eternity?

Sorry for such a stupid post, but I was just wondering . . haven't been able to find a way :P

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Ninjalah said:

I snicker every time I see one of these threads...

Welcome to Doomworld bud.

You've been here for like a year, man.

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Technician said:

I hope this place is still around 2014.

so kids that are younger than the damn game they're playing show up here? Great scott!

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Technician said:

Has anyone else noticed OP spelled the title of the thread wrong?

Maybe his priorities changed between "subject" and "message" because of the annoying background and the beef he had with "Backround" slipped into the background?

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