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My new map

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You want to know what I think? This wad is a mess. Nothing is coherent. Randomly opening doors, randomly placed lifts and stairs all over the place give me the impression that you were just trying out stuff that came into your mind. Yeah this feels to me like an experiment and not like something I should play. Maybe others will like this, but I felt lost and confused while playing and I don't like that.

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I thought it was very fun in a Sandy Petersen sort of way. I don't know what BlueEagle is talking about as far as randomness. It's not as lucid as most wads but I saw reasoning why every action took place.

I was really tight on ammo around the Hell Baron part, but I found some secrets the second playthrough which gave me an edge.

Some things that bothered me is theres quite a few tight spaces and detailing that interfere with movement. The lighting is almost completely stagnant, I'm pretty sure the entire map is 192. And some of the traps rely on the player moving very slowly. I ran right past some of the traps by accident. Other than that I thought it was pretty "interesting"

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In agreement with 40oz's post.

I like the experimental feel of this level, it almost feels as if it's a puzzle. I enjoyed some of the combat situations, however I didn't enjoy the mazelike tight corridors where you can get walled in by a baron which is basically an instant death.

Looking forward to seeing more from you.

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