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Rayman Doom

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(The first five levels of the game can already be downloaded. Look down the the bottom of the post! :D )

I loved playing the rayman games when I was little, and during my holidays this year in july I started this weird "little" project because of the nostalgia that I connect both with Doom and Rayman. ;D

Rayman Doom is a total conversion that turns our favorite videogame Doom into a rayman fangame. The progress struggles a little right now, so I open this topic to get some input on my work.
I tried to make short, fun and simple levels that can be beaten in under 2 or 3 minutes to somehow manage it to finish 30 maps (or at least 20).
All maps will be connected to each other, so that you have the feeling of progressing further into the rayman world.

In Rayman Doom, you control the videogame character Rayman who has a little problem - all the bad guys from the previous games allied and started a huge invasion to destroy his world once and for all. Our hero however, has learned from the past too and now uses his arsenal of badass weapons instead of throwing his wimpy fists. As simple as it gets. ;D
The game starts at the gates of a destroyed town you just left behind. The bad guys are already on their way to destroy you world and they have captured your friend globox (a huge, dumb, blue frog that is always at your side in the rayman games). Your first mission is to look for him. You will find him at Map06 (but in a different way you might expect...), and from there, the "story" will progress further. As you reach new areas that are already inhabited by the bad guys, new enemies will appear too.


Here are all the finished enemies you encounter in the game. Some of them are taken out of previous games, others are made up (such as the blue chaingun pirate, the arachnopirate and the mancubus-like hoodlum at the right).

Red Robo Pirates (Former Sergeant)
Black Robo Pirates (Revenant)
Slapdash Hoodlum (Demon)
Helicopter Hoodlum (Cacodemon)
Hoodoo (Archvile)
Blue Robo Pirate (Chaingunner)
Hoodlum Soldier (Imp)
Black Lum (Lost Soul)
Green Robo Pirate (Former Human)
Arachnopirate (Arachnotron)
Heckler (Mancubus)
Red Hoodlum that throws explosive bottles of stuff (Hell Baron)
There are also running bombs you will encounter, but they still use placeholder graphics that were done in five seconds. ;D

A made little changes to the behaviour of some of the bad guys. For example, the hoodlum soldier punches you when you get near.


Some screenshots are taken in unreleased levels. Right now I have only made levels in which you encounter the robo pirates and their typical buildings and technology.

In this screenshots, the teensie tribe that lived in raymans world is being transported to the prison ship with a conveyor belt. Teensies have blue skin, huge noses and wear green coats, in case you can`t make it out.


Intended to be played in PrBoom+, but should also work in other sourceports. However, MONSTER INFIGHTING should be turned OFF to prevent some weird looking scnearios.


Of course, you can also explore the original doom maps with the enemies instead. But some things could be screwed up und crash the game, because I changed some objects with DeHacked.

The game is still in a VERY early state. You will see unfinished stuff everywhere. I focused on the levels, sounds and sprites first to get the core of the game done. However, you can already play the first five levels without problems.
During those levels, you travel trough a part of the lands, dark pirate strongholds, a poisened river and a dangerous underground prison, shortly before you will meet globox in Map06 at the prison ship.

Have fun!
... and don`t forget to leave a comment! ;)

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esselfortium said:

I haven't given it a download yet, but this looks really cool. Are the custom resources yours, too?

All the sprites are drawn and animated by me. The textures were ripped out of the games and modified one by one to fit into the doom engine. It was VERY tedious work. X_x

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Had a quick play through of all the levels, and I can say that this is a very fun wad. It has a really refreshing cartoonish feel to it, the action is good, the layouts are fun to traverse through, and the architecture, while it looks simple, is very aesthetically pleasing for me, I was also hard pressed to find any 90 degree angles which is a good thing. And uhhh... yeah. Looking forward to more levels!

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I liked it. It was fun to play through and I really like the art style. I am glad you decided to make short levels, because they better fit the theme and because I tend to enjoy them more than long ones.

The only problems I noticed were two visual mode cameras that were present in MAP03 and MAP04. It seems you inserted them as new things, when you should insert them by pressing Ctrl+W - they do not appear in game this way, because Doom Builder automatically removes all their skill flags.

Keep up the good work.

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I like it. I don't like the doom barrel explosion for the death of the former humans tho :-/ Would be nice to have the whole animation original art. I would like to see commander keen doom. The player is pale like billy.

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I played this a while back and I did enjoy it. I am sure I posted a comment on it somewhere. Was there another thread or something. Anyway, that isn't important. These new monsters look great, is good to see ongoing progress. :)

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Wow, thanks a lot for all those positive comments! :D

I didn`t notice that. Good to hear, I will remove them! ;D

Maybe I will change that animation when I have finished the levels. However, Raymans hands are supposed to be that pale because he always wears white gloves.
And yes, a commander keen TC would be awesome!

I think you mean the youtube video I uploaded in another thread. ;)

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Hellbent said:

I would like to see commander keen doom. The player is pale like billy.

Yes, definitely! I would love to see someone do a CK Doom some day in the future.

This Rayman Doom is very cool, the levels were fast-paced, and I liked how short and simple they were. Sometimes people just try to go all out with their stages and stuff, but this is my favorite type of Doom map: Short but sweet.

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Good job on the monsters! they are really good, the maps were fun short and packed with raymanism!

5/5 :p

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The texture usage looks like a typical 1996 Doom clone (in a very bad way), but the art itself looks cool, might play eventually just for that

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@Scuba Steve
Considering that I love old wads made in that time, I have absolutely no problem with that. ;D

I tested it in GLBoom and I couldn`t see any HOM in the first level. Maybe we use different versions?

If you look at screenshots of Rayman 2 (the first version from 1998), you will see that this texturing style is almost the same as in my mod - lotsa flat surfaces with repetetive, but detailed textures. ;)

I think you could have some kind of popup-blocker activated (it keeps reloading the page if you click the link). If yes, then try to turn it off with a right-click.
Otherwise, I`ll send you the levels via e-mail.

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Ok. It's brilliant. I got so much nostalgia, that I had to play Rayman 2 again.

Idea: Put more Rayman 1 elements to it. The OST for the game is on the disc too. I'd like a band land level, would be badass.

Also, the music was amazing! Simply great!
I'd like to use it in my mod too, if that's ok. A+ job on the project, keep it up.

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