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Two Questions!

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Is there a webiste with doom skyboxes for download? i need a night skybox, or if i wanted to make my own is there an editor with a mirror feature that would allow me to make the wrap feature easier?

second question, i've downloaded the sniper rifle from realm667 and was wondering how to change it to set it to weapon 5, i edited it in XWE and thought i fixed it but it didn't work..

Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance guys!

P.S. my tc is coming along great, i've got a hell of an idea for making some new custom baddie sprites, i don't want to say yet until it's done, but it'll be f'n cool ;)

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For the first one, you could extract one of the skyboxes from one of the IWADs to get the proper dimensions and just edit or redraw from there. You could go for paint.net or GIMP as an editor, just draw half the image in, select, copy/paste, new layer, flip horizontal, move into place, save image.

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There is a discussion on Realm667 to create a wad specifically for DooM skyboxes. A couple of halfway decent ones aleady seem to have been created. Perhaps you can check back there in a little bit to see how much progress they're making, and if you can take advantage of it.

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Don't know of any skybox prefabs you can download, your best bet would be to open up a couple of maps to see how they're done. Wrap-around night skies are a different story - there's a very nice one here, a couple more here and a search through the database should turn up more.

As for the Sniper Rifle - delete the KEYCONF lump (if you're not using it for any other purpose) and add the line Weapon.SlotNumber 5 to the actor properties in DECORATE.

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