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Help me with Demo Replay Editor

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I'm trying to learn to perform "guideless" gap glides, and to help with that I'm trying to analyze demos that successfully pull them off. To that end, I've tried out a couple different versions of Doom Replay Editor. The version available on the Doomworld utilities page worked fine for me (once I supplied the missing SDL drivers from a new PrBoom+ install) but doesn't display the player's current coordinates on each tic, which is information that I need. The version available for download from the Doomed SDA crashed for me at first, but I was able to fix that by replacing its SDL drivers with newer versions. However, it's still only half-working. Once I've loaded a demo with its quaint text command system, the larger "prboom" window is still just a black screen, and the editing window provides no information aside from the tic list - it's just a bunch of grayed-out boxes. Help?

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Heh, I really should write a tutorial one of these days. The interface isn't exactly intuitive...

i = Next tic
d = Previous tic
f##(space) = Forward ## tics
b##(space) = Backward ## tics

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Okay, I read the readme (or else I wouldn't have even known how to load a demo) but I assumed that clicking on tics on the list would have the same effect as manually navigating to them with the keyboard inputs. Apparently not; the game window only updates when moving to another tic with key commands - how amusingly arcane. Anyways, thanks for the help!

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