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Common XWE Problem - HELP! D:

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Sorry to bother you guys with a common XWE problem, but i just wanted to get this out of the way so i can get started using this program. So I downloaded XWE yesterday (or could I have downloaded an older version?), and I installed accordingly. When I started the program I received two messages:


"Failed to create keys Doom.wadfile\shell\editXWE"

last and second,

"List index out of bounds (0)"

but luckily the program still appears in front of me but takes forever whenever i load a WAD file. This was probably a common problem for some new users and I have tried to look for a solution but have failed miserably. Which brings me to ask you guys a couple of questions:

How do you solve this problem? What are the steps?


Is there any updated versions of XWE? Or perhaps recommend me any other programs like XWE?
(I know the creator disappeared of the face of the earth, but with the source code out, have people made any progress and released anything?)

Sorry for bothering you guys with this old and common issue, but it would help out. If it helps, I am using a netbook with windows 7 starter and using the administrator account :P Not bad for crafting your own Doom on the go ;D

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hellknight_guardian said:

Is there any updated versions of XWE?

Unfortunately, no. Although the source code was released by Csabo when he came to grip with the fact he no longer had the time to maintain it; nobody picked up the torch. Probably because it is a Delphi application, and the programmers around here are more familiar with C/C++.

hellknight_guardian said:

Or perhaps recommend me any other programs like XWE?

Well, there's SLADE3. It's not a perfect replacement because it does not have all the features XWE has (and vice-versa), but the core features are there. [2014 edit: I think it actually has all of XWE's features now.]

Finally, to solve your problems with XWE, look in one of the stickied threads. This one, more precisely.

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Thanks for your input!:D Unfortunately I am still trying to solve this issue. I have downloaded slade and have encountered more issues :/ But for now I want to focus on the XWE problem that I have and see if I can fix this. With the link you have given me relating to the XWE problem I have I think I have found the solution....but I don't understand it one bit...

I was reading the forum and it turned out I was not the only one with this issue. Csabo was very helpful in solving this issue, but in the end but I did not understand what he meant by this response:

"Download the latest beta from the above link. Open XWE.INI file and stick this somewhere (eg beginning or end)


The run XWE. It won't touch the registry or use the MRU (most recently used) list. This means options won't be saved, the settings will only work for that session. However you shouldn't see any error messages. Let me know how it goes."

I don't really know what he meant by "stick this somewhere" part and the rest ( (OPTIONS), ect ). Do you have an idea what he meant by this? If so, how can this be achieved? And when he referred the "XWE.INI," he meant the application that starts the program, right?

I am so confused, haha

Thanks ;D

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Okay, if you don't know what an .ini file is, you will probably need to tell Windows to show you the file extensions.
2000 guide, XP guide, Vista guide, 7 guide.

Now that you can see file extensions, you should see there's an XWE.exe file (wich is the executable), and an XWE.ini (which is the initialization file). Open the ini in a text editor (notepad will do if you have nothing better), copy and paste the three lines at the top of the file.

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Assuming it's version 1.16 you downloaded - those options are already in XWE.ini and set to their default value of 0. Change them to 1, save and keep your fingers crossed. ;-)

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