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What's your doom signature?

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Tell us what style of play you like,what wad's you like and other stuff like this.
-Wad style:I personally like wads with an abstract (Hellground map04,Oniria,Grove) and hell(Deus Vult,the hell part of Coils of a Twisted Tale,Whispers of Satan) theme.I also tend to like techbases.I hate gothic or medieval levels (like Eternal or Drip Feed).
-New resources:I like wads that use new monsters and textures to create a creepy ambiance (TCOTD,32 Inch Nails,Unloved) or to bring something new to the table.
-Wad's I liked:Hellground,Baker's Dozen,32 Inch Nails,Deus Vult,Alien Vendetta (some maps),New and Next Nightmare,Realm of the Green soul,Claustrophobia(walls close in),Unloved,The City of The Damned,Sunder,Zen Dynamics,Demons of Problematique (1).
-Preferred engine:GZDoom with freelook.
-Favorite mappers:Eternal
-Runners up:Tormentorr667,Agent Spork,Fiend,Insane_Gazebo,Aluqah,Xaser,40oz.
-Preferred style of play:UV with pistol start on every map.

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-Wad style: Short maps with fun gameplay. I dislike epic switch hunt maps and slaughtermaps as a rule.
-New resources: As long as it's Doomy and doesn't negatively affect gameplay/balance/aesthetics I'm in.
-Wad's I liked: The IWADs, Scythe, CH Retro episode, fava beans, 10 sector and the first 1024 project are my favourites
-Preferred engine: PRBoom+. Though I have a soft spot for Legacy, whic is unusual around these parts.
-Favorite mapper: Erik Alm
-Runners up: Authors of the other maps I said I liked.
-Preferred style of play: Depends on the map so I'll say whatever the author intends. If there could only be one I would say pistol start on death - no saves except on exiting.

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My opinions on wads have changed pretty drastically lately, relying on Doom 1 and 2 to be the ultimate inspiration for Doom mapping than looking at other released projects that deviate too far into their own direction.

-Wad style: Maps.

-New resources: Maps. Sometimes textures, music, or gfx are cool too. Nothing else.

-Wad's I liked: Anything that is a small download that was made completely for the enjoyment of the Author and not for fame or attention. You don't have to do much to impress me yet many people pours their heart into their mapping like its their goal to be popular or are intimidated by the harsh likes of the doom community to release anything that doesn't follow the forumlaic code of mapper critique the community will spit at them.

-Preferred engine: Prboom

-Favorite mappers: John Romero, Sandy Petersen, American McGee, Everyone from TeamTNT Chris Klie, and like a hundred other people I'm omitting because I'm not in the mood to do research, but if you made maps for your own enjoyment and put em up for download i probably like you.

-Runners up: Being my favorite mapper is not a contest.

-Preferred style of play: Shooting monsters.

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-Wad style: Generally anything that isn't just a slaughter map or extremely complex (as in difficult to navigate, even with the map) switch hunts. Doom 1 techbase aesthetics.
-New resources: Case by case basis, really. If they work well and aren't spammed all over the place so as to say "hey! Look at this new stuff! LOOK AT IT".
-Wad's I liked: Redemption (despite the Cacospam), Alien Vendetta, CIF3, Sky May Be (with that dehacked patch), some others I can't remember.
-Preferred engine: GZDoom. Versatility is good. Chocolate doom for playing IWADS in a vanilla style. (can't get the bloody thing to load pwads, even using command line stuff in the command prompt.)
-Favorite mapper: Don't have one yet.
-Runners up: Same.
-Preferred style of play: Generally anything that isn't just a slaughter map or extremely complex (as in difficult to navigate, even with the map) switch hunts. Beyond that I'm pretty general about it. I'll play vanilla style wads and complex (G)ZDoom wads with all the fancy newer stuff in it all the same.

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-Wad style: Immersive environements, rich atmosphere (high light levels all the time = fail) some puzzles are cool, fair challenge.

-New resources: Always is a plus. as long as it fits in with the current game. But An assload of added textures and monsters, isn't my #1 concern. Usless clusterfucks of new weapons in a WAD was always a "no-go" for me.

-Wad's I liked: So many... favs: KdizD, UTNT, Scythe (1 and 2), AV, Stronghold, COTD (1 and 2), Plutonia II, Zen Dynamics, Simplicity, 1024.

-Preferred engine: ZDoom. The possibilites are un-countable. Or PrBoom+ if I'm looking for accurate enough Doom behavior. Of course, I use their OpenGL variants since I can't stand 256 color, pixelized rendering.

-Favorite mapper: No favorate, there's a lot of people.

-Runners up: None

-Preferred style of play: Pretty much open to anything, If I find it interesting and entertaining, cool! all except speedrunning... ugh.

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Well let's see!

  • Wad style: It either aims to be completely abstract (though still indicative of setting and place) or striving for realism, and is noticeably understanding of what it's trying to achieve as a wad. Never really been a fan of the middle ground between the abstract and the real, although I will tolerate it if it adheres to the second point. I love small to medium sized maps that constitute part of a greater, possibly episodic wad, as well as standalone maps of large to massive size. Organic, interesting shapes. Wads that utilize a monster's capabilities and positioning in order to make up for fewer numbers.

  • New resources: I'm a big fan, but this is possibly the one area on which I am also most strict. If it doesn't fit perfectly, it should probably be discarded. This includes everything from weaponry, monsters and textures to decorative things, sounds and music, and covers all of the dynamic spheres such as gameplay and aesthetics.

  • Wads I liked: Dawn of Reality for being totally and utterly bent on constructing a realistic scenario. Sunder for building awesome architecture around simple, individual themes. Fava Beans. The Ultimate Needs More Detail! Simply Phobos (Pcorf and Kristian's style really works here). Alien Vendetta for having a clearer episodic structure and hence sense of progression, and being as such one of the only megawads I don't tire of half way through playing (The Scythes and probably a few others also fall into this category). Ultimate Simplicity because it feels clean and complete. Base Ganymede I and II, because Khorus caters to my playstyle and preference like no other. And also Austerity, for being one of the only pieces of work from Tormentor that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Preferred engine(s): Chocolate Doom / PrBoom+ and GZDoom.

  • Favourite mapper(s): John Romero, American McGee, Shawn Green, Khorus, Kristus, 40oz, Eric Alm, Mechadon, Esselfortium, Exl, Snakes (<--he's on the up!), Vader, Captain Toenail, and a fair few others who's names may very well trump the likes of those mentioned if only I could remember them.

  • Preferred style of play: No saving. Pistol start upon death. Aggressive rather than conservative play. "Let's put the 'oomph' and terror back into Doom!" sort of thing.

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Wad style- slaughter maps, some atmospheric maps, generally stuff I can run around in. Do not like individual hitscanner fights.
New resources - textures are nice, music is great, but really the maps are what I'm interested in. Some monsters are nice, others not so much.
Wads I liked - scythe 2, AV, unloved, HR, epic2's maps 18 and 23, nochance.wad, kama sutra, demons of problematique 2, and E2 of doom1, some more stuff.
Preferred engine - prboom
Favorite mapper - Erik alm
Others - gggmork has some crazy cool ideas, kyka has some stuff he needs to finish that'll blow people's minds, whoever worked on AV, HR, and KS, that guy that made unloved, exl, others.
Preferred style of play - pistol start fdas on boom/vanilla maps, saving for gzdoom (usually more continuous adventure style anyway)

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Wad Style: Varies - I'm into the classic style in a big way, but I'll always applaud a wad that attempts something a bit different.

New Resources: Pretty much anything, really, provided that it's used well.

Wads I Liked: Titan 1 & 2, UTnT, UAC Ultra, Alfred (the first custom wad I ever played, what a way to start), LoS, Deus Vult, the CIF trilogy, Project Slipgate, Dissolution, Ultimate Simplicity, Aliens TC

Preferred Engines: GZDoom, PrBoom+, Doomsday

Favourite Mappers: See "Wads I Liked" ;)

Preferred Style of Play: Classic in-yer-face run'n'gun. Fuck this hiding ballicks.

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-Wad style: I like maps with nicely interconnected layouts, epic scenes, a good sense of scale... I think almost any theme can be accomplished impressively by a skilled enough mapper. Personally, I tend to mostly build techbases out of habit.

-New resources: Anything as long as it looks good to my eyes (i.e. it looks polished and not half-assed) and it stylistically matches well enough with whatever else it's being used with. I like mapping with new resources, mainly, but I also enjoy the occasional challenge of making a modern-styled map using IWAD content only.

-Wads I liked: Scythe 2, Scythe X, Suspended in Dusk, Back to Basics, Eternal Doom 4 map27, Blackrock, Thunderpeak, UAC Ultra, Valhalla, RTC-3057 hub1, Action Doom 2, Doom.wad E1.

-Preferred engine: Eternity, Doom64ex, Skulltag, Chocolate Doom

-Favorite mappers: A lot. Espi, Vader, Brinks, Mechadon, Skillsaw, AgentSpork, Erik Alm, rf`, iori, Shaviro, Ed, John Romero

-Runners up: I don't know who I'm supposed to put on this list instead of just including them in my favorite mappers list to begin with, but I'll say Tango, who always amazes me with the rate at which he turns out great levels, but has been largely inactive for the past few years. Come back, Tango! I need you to finish your SpaceDM9 map(s)!

-Preferred style of play: Fast-paced action is fun, but I can go for slow and atmospheric, too, if it's done sufficiently well.

And st.alfonzo, how am I on your favorite mappers list when I've barely released anything? <_<

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-Wad style: I'm up to everything that seems to be worked with.
I mean, where both combat and visuals are pretty cool. I don't bother whether it's basic, semi-basic or hellish, it has to be fair.

-New resources: If it goes well with another DooM textures. I regularly use II's textures in a I's megawad I'm making and opposite.

-Wads I liked: 2002ADO, Scythe I-II, Alien Vendetta, 1Monster, Whispers of Satan, Kama Sutra, KDiZD, Sunder

-Preferred engine: Eternity, Doom64ex, Skulltag, Chocolate Doom

-Favorite mappers: Pcorf, Nebula, Dutch Devil, Tormentor667, Esselfortium and I could list it up to...

-Runners up: ... here, but I can't!

-Preferred style of play: anything that is DooM-styled. I usually enjoy slaughtering and finding secrets, ergo doing UV-Max or whatever.

esselfortium said:

And st.alfonzo, how am I on your favorite mappers list when I've barely released anything? <_<

You shouldn't forget about e.g. 1024Clau's MAP19. That was great.

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esselfortium said:

And st.alfonzo, how am I on your favourite mappers list when I've barely released anything?

My unquestionably potent abilities of clairvoyance tell me that by the time you do release something of great repute, it will shake to the ground the very foundations of Doomworld and succeed in affirming among the masses my psychic capabilities, thus elevating me to the status of a god.

Really though, Shawn Green hasn't exactly bagged a lot of maps either, but I still happily list him. I go by what's there, however little.

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  • Wad style: Solid abstract designs with creative usage of colors. (Usually, people who think they are achieving this, don't.) Layouts are sleek to traverse often with optional routes and clever jumps (leaps, you can't jump in Doom).

  • New resources: Either go all the way and actually create something different, or don't bother.

  • Wads I liked: Aliens TC, Batman Doom, Zan Zan, Darkening E2, Plutonia, Base Ganymede E2.

  • Preferred engine(s): Eternity, Vanilla/Chocolate.

  • Favourite mapper(s): John Romero, Sandy Petersen, Swedish Fish (only for his Map04 of DE2), Fuck I dunno.

  • Preferred style of play: No saving. Pistol start upon death. Used to be more defensive, but these days I think I play rather aggressive, though a lot more calculated than before.

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-Wad style: Maps that have a sense of place, be it more realistic or abstract.

-New resources: Good music, and occasionally textures.

-Wads I liked: Scythe 2, Killing Adventure

-Preferred engine: prboom+

-Favorite mappers: Erik Alm, Ruba, Super Jamie, Kristus for having managed to make an actually good Heretic map set.

-Runners up: Who?

-Preferred style of play: Fast paced action, be it free flowing or in set pieces. Difficulty doesn't really matter either as long as the game keeps moving. "Hard" maps that force you to hide in corners and take cheap shots at huge hordes because of bad layouts/item placement/whatever piss me off.

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Map type: Something that takes what its meant for and goes with it. If it says it'll be a slaughter, let it be bloody. If its going to be detail oriented, let it be scenery porn. But it better work well or else its pointless. I'm also partial to Vrack type maps.

CTF is fine too.

New Resources: New Music, I look forward to it, especially the custom made type.

Best Wads evrar: DVII, Vrack, plutonia2, rebirth1, cchest3
Best Multi: 32in24-7 and udmx

Engine of choice: GZDoom or just plain ZDoom

Cool Mappers: Doom Marine, espi, Mechadon, essel, vader, eternal, Eric Alm

Runner Up: RottKing, because FUCK HIM.

Preferred style of play: This is DOOM! Blow stuff up 'til you DIE, then figure out how not to DIE there. Repeat until victorious.
Solve puzzles when necessary.

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-Wad style: Anything thats grand and visually impressive (Sunder, Eternal Doom 4...) or wads that focus on fast, hard gameplay where the levels aren't too long (Scythe, Simplicity)
-New resources: As long as its not too outlandish or un-Doomy (I don't like TCs) then its fine, although I'm not too fond of new weapons
-Wad's I like: Scythe and the later parts of Scythe 2. Sunder, Eternal Doom 4: Return from Oblivion, Suspended in Dusk, Super Sonic Doom, Simplicity, The Ultimate Torment and Torture and Curse of D'sparil.
-Preferred engine: ZDOOM but I'll play with just about anything
-Favorite mappers: Epsi, Vader, Agent Spork, Erik Alm, Insane Gazebo, Dutch Devil
-Runners up: Tormentorr667, Eternal, Stephen Clark
-Preferred style of play: Run out and kill them, not fussed about secrets or getting 100%

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killer2 said:


why the interjection bro? his maps arent that bad.

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Wad style : any theme can work for me if done well, but I prefer abstract and tends to dislike techbases because they're been done to death and are usually done in the exact same way everytime (notable exceptions that I enjoyed : UACultra, Tango maps, Sapphire by Tormentor, some mapset by Kyka).

New resources : I like custom textures. I'm not big on custom monsters - they can be done well but are all too often done "wrong". Quotes needed because I feel custom monsters should be used to fill in gameplay roles the normal cast doesn't, and I think many people who use custom monsters have a different objective in mind. So they might succeed at their goal, it's just that I'm not the target audience.

Wads I liked : interesting choice of tense here. I liked Hell's Ground, KDiZD, Sapphire, Demons of Problematique 2, Deus Vult 2, The Spire, gggmork's various experimental maps, Kyka's creepy techbase mapset and probably many others I forget at the moment ; as in, I enjoyed playing through these wads once or twice, or maybe even a few times, but I wouldn't replay these more than that.

I like Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Sunder, Slayer, Rylayeh, the Scythe series, slaughter maps by Alexander S., any map by TimeOfDeath or ArmouredBlood, and probably some others I forget at the moment ; as in, I enjoyed playing through these wads, I still enjoy replaying these wads and I will probably enjoy playing these wads years from now.

Preferred engine : GLBoom+ without freelook.

Favorite mapper : tough to say. I would have had a different answer in the past, but now I'm going with ArmouredBlood.

Runners up : Insane Gazebo, Alexander S., Erik Alm, TimeOfDeath, gggmork.

Preferred style of play : demorecording (not necessarily speedrunning), so basically pistol start and playing one level at a time.

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Wad Style: every style
Wads I like: DV2, scythe (all of them), Suspended in Dusk, Simplicity, Tremor, IC2005, Sine Die, there are more but that is all I can think of now
New Resources: I like using and seeing/hearing new music and textures. New weapons when they are not rips and add to the gameplay
Preferred engine: Chocolate Doom
Favorite mappers: Dutch Devil, Agent Spork, Erik Alm, Mechadon, espi
Runners up: Eternal, Insane_Gazebo
Preferred style of play: for sp I very it some time I play through a megawad with keeping ammo, other times from pistol start. I also do a bit of demo running mostly non-max speedrunning.
for muilty player I love to DM.

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Wad Style: "Classic" by which I mean not too far away from the chain ObTiC-MM-MM2-Requiem-STRAIN. 1st episode of AV is just like that. Despite the examples above, I tend to like short episodes/single maps more than megawads. Medium sized maps are best for me. Abstract stuff. Immersive stuff. Frugal ammo maps. Not too techy techbases, not too hellish hell maps.
New Resources: Oh yes. Favourite monsters: Mordeth monsters, STRAIN demon with 217 HP, ObTiC super imps. Weapons: ObTiC flame thrower.
Wads I like: the ones mentioned in "Wad style" + darken2 + plutonia + ruinbros + vrack3 + CoD + slayer + pl2 when it's finally debugged :-P
Preferred engine: PrBoom plus for vanilla fidelity, chasecam, -trace_thingshealth and -skipsec demo playback options
Favorite mapper: Chris Hansen
Runners up: Chris Lutz, Denis Moeller, Thomas Evans, Espi, BPRD, Gusta
Preferred style of play: no saves. Pistol starts 90% of the time. UV 70% of the time, HMP 29% of the time, HNTR and NM! on rare occasions. I don't like looking for secrets. When I see an exit switch, I press it.

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-Wad style: Any wad that emphasizes gameplay above all else. I don't care if it's ultra-detailed greatest architecture of all-time if I get bored. Gameplay itself can be classic, ultra-hard, or derived from the atmosphere of the wad (a la Void).

-New resources: Textures, music, and maybe replacing some sprites such as "deal lost souls" for the sake of atmosphere.

-Wads I liked: Man... Shit, Here are a few: IWADs, Scythe, AV, HR, Void, Vrack2b, UAC Ultra, SID, Killing Adventure, Decade, Drip Feed, MM, MM2, Remain 1... I'll stop there.

-Preferred engine: PrBoom

-Favorite mappers: John, American, Tom, and Sandy. Beyond that, the ones who come off as friendly, modest people.

-Runners up: Nope.

-Preferred style of play: The one where I shoot the monsters.

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-Wad style:I like my wads linear, but not always. Slaughtermaps or or the SKulltag Invasion levels or Stronghold are aso styles which I enjoy.
-New resources: If it fits, it ships. I mostly enjoy seeing new decorations and monsters, but I don't care for new weapons unless they 'blend in'.
-Wad: Stronghold and KDiZD.
-Preferred engine:ZDoom for DECORATE, and DOmmLegacy for multiplayer at School :)
-Favorite mappers:I don't know really have a favorite mapper. WIth me, I may like one map of his/hers, but I probally wont like another one of his. This is like saying what is your favorite musician, in which I have none.
-Runners up:WHat did I just say?
-Preferred style of play:UV difficulty, or Slaughter. Wads with a cool background story and sweet design is also a plus. I think mostly of Heretic wads.

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Wad style: Anything that is done well.

New resources: Anything that is used well.

Wad's I liked: Too many to list, but off the top of my head: Memento Mori series, Biowar, Requiem, Strain, Infected Area, and such and such and such.

Preferred engine: Depends on what I am playing. I admit that I usually use zdoom for most things.

Favorite mappers: Those that map for fun and not for attention.

Runners up: I like to think that I am easygoing, so I don't pick favorites.

Preferred style of play: HMP, and I don't usually do pistol starts unless the author suggests I should.

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I added a couple more tidbits which I consider essential about my taste in Doom stuff. And here's my list:

  • WAD style: usually I prefer mods/levels with creative and unusual gameplay elements, consistent visual design and at least some amount of nonlinearity. From time to time I also like streamlined Dead Simple style arena levels.

  • New resources: for me fitting new textures and music can spice a WAD up nicely. Occasionally I also like new guns and monsters if they are designed well and fit the theme of the mod.

  • Favorite IWAD levels: Doom E1 & E2M2. Doom II maps 01-05, 07, 10, 11, 13, 16, 18 & 23. Most of Plutonia.

  • Favorite WADs: Action Doom, Batman Doom, Deus Vult II, Jägermörder 01, Mr.DooM 30, Null Space, Rocketeer, Void

  • Preferred engines: Chocolate Doom, Skulltag & ZDoom for playing stuff, PrBoom+ for watching demos

  • Favorite mappers: Afterglow, the Casali brothers, Cyb, Espi, Kurt Kesler, American McGee, Mr.DooM, Russell Pearson, John Romero, Scuba Steve, Richard Wiles

  • Favorite tunes: E1M2 from Doom, M08, M09, M10 & M23 from Doom II, Action Doom soundtrack by Julian Hope, Action Doom 2 M01 by Ralphis, Alien Vendetta M01, Memento Mori II M13 (Damage Assessment) by Mark Klem, most of the Doom remixes by Mazedude and Per Kristian Risvik

  • Preferred style of play: Mostly careful and stealthy approach with heavy cover use and random aggressive ramboing here and there. I also like to cause as much infighting as possible, explore levels throughly before exiting them and usually save only a couple times per level.

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-Wad style: Classic. Because I like wads that rely on gameplay and level design alone to entertain. But when I'm bored I try out other styles as well.

-Wad's I liked: My absolute favorites come from the mid to late 90's, because in general, during this period the top rated wads had a better balance between good atmosphere, good gameplay, and levels had more soul and usually displayed more creativity in all the right places for me. Requiem, MM series, Icarus, Strain, Dystopia3. I also enjoy a lot of newer wads like Vae Victus, Alien Vendetta, UAC Ultra, Curse of D'sparil, Epic2, Remain1, etc

-Preferred engine: GZdoom at the moment with software mode and freelook mode disabled, but at some point I'll switch over to Prboom when I'm feeling brave enough.

-New Resources: New textures, new music. As long as it fits and not just thrown in for the sake of it. Some custom monsters can be cool, but I spit on monsters that are merely cheap recolors and don't fill a gameplay gap, or thrown in mindlessly.

-Favorite mappers: Sandy Peterson, Iikka Keranen, Matthias Worch, Anthony Czerwonka, all of Team TNT, Eric Alm (for Scythe 1 only), Vader (for The Rebirth, and Castle Nevermore), Dittohead (Derek Braun), Kristus, 40oz, Eternal, StupidBunny, and Darkreaver for his Brood of Hatred and his unreleased maps and also Espi.

-Runners up: Too many to mention. Basically anyone who maps for fun and not for attention.

-Preferred style of play: Pistol start Map01 (duh :P), then carry weapons across untill I ultimately finish a wad, I don't use saves.

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WAD Style: Oldschool megawads, E1 base and Plutonia themed maps, and slaughter maps (but more fun than frustrating). PSX/D64 style is underrated and very appreciated for someone who enjoys the dark side of Doom.

New Resources: New textures, new monsters if used properly, not too keen on new weapons unless they're centered (or everything is angled). Unloved is the most impressive ZDoom "game" I've played that uses a lot of resources and modern innovations but does so effectively I have no complaints. I'm fond of monster randomizers (granted they fit Doom), sound replacements (PSX/D64/D3) and FX adders (better blood, weapon effects, realistic torch effects, high res textures, the works).

PWADs I Liked: Memento Mori 1 & 2, Requiem, Eternal Doom, Number One Kill: The Next Generation, The Twilight Zone, Hell Revealed, D2XTREME, Plutonia 2, Operation: BIOWAR, Sector 666, The Darkening 1 & 2, Phobos: Relive The Nightmare, Cygnus IV, 32 Inch Nails (minus MAP05), Congestion 1024 & Claustrophobia 1024, Community Chest 3, UAC Ultra, Unloved, dozens of SP levels I cannot name right now although two notable ones come to mind such as BBUSTER by Shitbag which got me into playing UV back in the day and Altar of Evil for being really big/detailed/hard and using custom enemies wisely. I still have many more WADs to try out, both old and new, surprisingly for someone who's been playing Doom for this long, and some WADs I have played but haven't finished.

Preferred Source Ports: G/ZDoom/Skulltag, stable and user friendly. Doomsday/JDoom for visuals but restricted to vanilla play.

Favorite Mappers: Simo Malinen comes to mind, his maps are amazing, otherwise there's quite a handful of (oldschool) authors I like that don't all come to mind right now for writing this post.

Preferred Style of Play: Progressive, UV difficulty, careful, by that I'm not exactly the kind of Doomer that jumps all over the place unless it's the stock id maps or Final Doom that I'm used to playing tenfold, I use cover when needed, and storm a room when I know I can do it, bit paranoid when it comes to traps so I analyze my surroundings at all times, I'm an ammo conservationist whenever possible to always have a near max amount while balancing out how much is left around to pick up to re-max myself out, especially helpful on maps with limited ammo, challenging myself through *key saves or *start saves and/or applying a no infighting patch so I have to deal with the monsters myself. And I strive to get 100% everything, that I do not find via secrets I "cheat" with give allmap to see what I missed before exiting.

*Key saves are done by picking up a key and saving the game or unlocking a locked door, whichever seems easier and is dictated by the amount of keys in a map for saves. Start saves is exactly as it says and no mid-level saves are allowed, effectively forcing you through the entire map without dying.

Nitpicks: Take this with a grain of salt, but here goes: Overdetailing, (why don't you just become an architect?) especially if it's so ridiculous it slows your computer to a crawl or is done for the sake of seeing how big your e-penis is, if it's going to be huge as hell I'd hope it plays amazing. Doing things that "just because you can, does not mean you should" aren't necessary in Doom under ZDoom derivative ports, DECORATE has been both a blessing and a curse, from creating original content to "let's replicate the Pig Cop from Duke Nukem 3D just because we can!". And this generation X movement that's been going on in the Doom community the past few years, I know there's a "don't like, don't play" policy that a certain crowd likes to enforce, a special posse of like-minded individuals that I'm unable to migrate/follow, it's not a case of jealousy (god forbid) nor isn't necessarily fair either that I must be alienated from one of my all time favorite games just because there's a trend taking over of stuff for it these days that goes from the original innovation of extending Doom's universe to essentially making Doom anything but Doom (I know many famous games have mods that be other things but I don't think the Doom engine is convincing enough it pull anything modern off without coming off as ugly or awkward). I need not mention the culprits responsible for this either. And those unnecessary rips from other games that don't match the Doom art style (Duke3D enemies for one).

EDIT: Extra stuff.

Favorite IWAD Levels: Doom E1, Doom II maps 08, 10, 14, 16, 18, 26, 28. Most of Plutonia and TNT.

Favorite Tunes: All of Doom 1, didn't care much for Doom II's music, TNT music, anything by Mark Klem, David Shaw and Rich Nagel.

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-Wad style: Hell-related. What I mean by that is that Doom is fundamentally about demons invading from an alternate dimension, and the aesthetic of the monsters and textures lends itself best to supporting that. I'm not so much into non-horror science fiction or fantasy settings in the Doom engine. So basically what I'm saying is that if it seems like you were trying to make a Quake 2 or Heretic map instead of a Doom one, I'm not going to like it nearly as much. That doesn't mean that every map has to be balls-deep in lava and REDROCK, but it does mean that you should be taken there, or that demonic influence on reality should be visible. In the case of mapsets this can be gradual and more subtle earlier on. For example, E1 obviously takes place mostly in mundane if infested military complexes, BUT not only are there a few touches here and there (pentagrams in E1M...4? and E1M9), the entire thing is leading up to E2 and then of course E3.

-New resources: Good textures that support the above--most often hellish/stone textures but some good new base textures can be nice as long as they aren't taken as an excuse to make the map or mapset entirely sterile and mundane. New monsters can be hit or miss. I enjoy stuff like the Shadows, Satyrs and Bruiserdemon, but the flood of hackjobs or more pointless Imp/Cacodemon edits in some maps can be tiresome.

-Wads I liked: Demon Eclipse, KDIZD, WoS, AV, Mapgame, 2002ADO, Demons of Problematique, Cheogsh 1 & 2, parts of UTNT, certain maps of the ZDoom Community Project (Terror Cube was just about the perfect Doom map in many ways, in my opinion). I could go on but these are what come to mind at the moment.

-Preferred engine:GZDoom with freelook.

-Favorite mappers:I don't keep track of mappers by name so much... Anyone who's worked on the wads I've liked, which includes Tormentor667, pcorf, Eriance, etc...

-Runners up: I wouldn't put anyone in a 'runners up' category. If I enjoy their maps, I enjoy their maps.

-Preferred style of play: I quicksave a lot. No apologies for that. I default to Skill 3 sight unseen on most recent projects and usually that is what I end up completing the map/mapset on.

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Damn, I forgot Mapgame and Plutonia 2 in my favorite wads list. Plutonia 2 is, I think, the only megawad I've ever actually managed to play through the entirety of without giving up or getting bored.

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-Wad style: Maps.

-New resources: It doesn't matter.

-Wad's I liked: Endgame.wad, Scythe, Scythe 2, Eternal Doom, Icarus, Plutonia 2, CH_Retro, Inferno, Classic series .... pretty much any decent megawad.

-Preferred engine: Boom

-Favorite mappers: Too many to list. John W. Anderson is probably my most favorite. Romero, Dutch Devil, Erik Alm, Mechadon, Espi, TiC, Nebula, Casali brothers, Chris Hansen, Gusta, Chris Lutz and many more ......

-Runners up: ......

-Preferred style of play: Anything not too Hell Revealed. Its hard to go past the original id software maps. Anything that looks good and plays good. Realism is important.

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-Wad style: I enjoy a variety of styles, and generally consider that nearly any style can be good if the author knows how to do it. I tend to have a soft spot for hell-style maps which develop the style of combining horror, gothic, and technological themes to produce a freaky and abstract environment, and I'm having fun with this style myself in my current project.

-New resources: New textures and music never hurt anybody (well, okay, they did, but they tend to be employed well.) New monsters can be interesting but they can also throw off the balance of a map, especially if the author doesn't use them considerately.

-Wad's I liked: Scythe 1 and 2, Equinox, AV, Plutonia 2, Doom.wad. Also, It Only Gets Worse and The Sky May Be are the only jokewads I've yet enjoyed.

-Preferred engine: Whatever engine a map is designed to be used with. If I can get away with it I tend to prefer PRBoom though.

-Favorite mappers: I'm not really sure, I don't know my mappers that well to be honest.

-Preferred style of play: UV (or any other difficulty if UV is too hard), generally from pistol start since that's how most maps are designed and tested

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