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ScoreDoom and ScoreDoomST Updated

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ScoreDoom has reached a definitive 2.9 release with ScoreDoom v2.9e. Likewise ScoreDoomST has been updated to v97c2R4e. Compared to earlier milestone releases, both have a ton of tweaks and bug-fixes, as well as some new features. For a list of major changes in ScoreDoom 2.9 & ScoreDoomST R4, in chronological order, head over to the Scoredoom news page. Likewise grab the latest releases from scoredoom.com.

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Lol, I forgot to remove an add-on pack config setting whereby the powerups spawn too often in 2.9e. So I updated again to a 2.9f patch. I would only recommend this if you play with the add-on pack *and* want to take on the hi-score leader-boards.

Even so, if you downloaded 2.9e and want to play on the leaderboards with the add-on pack, just replacing the 2.9e sd_custom.ini with this one will work:

no need to download 2.9f ;-)

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