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Doom 64 On Windows 7 and Other Problems

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I'll just get it out of the way first-- I'm an idiot. I know that. But I'm also an idiot who loves Doom, and has purchased every single version of it, including Doom 64 for Nintendo's old console.

I just need to know one thing... how on earth do I play Doom 64 on my PC? I've heard that you need the Doom 2 wad, which I do, and I've downloaded Absolution pack, followed directions, and when I try to start it up it says "Absolution.exe has stopped working."

I'd really just like to play my old games (By the way, I'm looking for a method to play my old Doom games with updated graphics and such, any help here would be appreciated also). If possible, please help me out, guys. Thanks in advance.

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Try running the absolution pack with another source port if that's possible. (Been a while since I tried it.) It may just be compatibility issues with Windows 7 and the provided .exe, it should function if you drag the resources onto say, Zdoom.exe or GZDoom.exe or some other source port that might work with it.

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See that's the other thing. Every time I try to run ZDoom, it loads up a selection of iwads-- Three Hexen games. There's no option to look for individual wad files, so I'm really confused as to what to do.

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The absolution TC will only work with the custom version of Doomsday it is shipped with. It will most definitely not work with ZDoom.

For playing Doom 64, I can only recommend getting Kaiser's Doom64 Ex. It's a full blown Doom 64 port. You'll need to extract the ROM and get it on your PC, though.

About your ZDoom issue, by the way, what you get is an IWAD selection box which allows you to choose the IWAD. It's not a full-fledged launcher, so PWADs and other mods will not appear. See here for more info.

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