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Lila Feuer

Two questions regarding triggers on E2M4 of D1 & MAP13 of TNT

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For E2M4, the secret containing an army of Spectres and a Soul Sphere and some other items, used to open back in the day for me after "going through the map in a specific pattern" as I thought had something to do with triggers, and 99% of the time these days it never seems to open again no matter what I do.

And on TNT MAP13 sometimes the wall lowers in the first area and sets a Cyberdemon free at some point, and sometimes it doesn't. Tonight on my playthrough it didn't and it quite annoyed me wondering how in the hell you get it to open up.

Do some of these triggers just have a mind of their own? Or do I just not know how to play these maps properly?

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In E2M4 the trigger is in the southeastern part of the nukage area. I'd say you just missed it.

For the Cyber in TNT MAP13 you have to jump off the platform with the blue key. However, do NOT jump off to the south because on that side there's no trigger.

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