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monsterless unfinished zdoom map if you're bored

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This is how I made it:
see the 'template' on the upper left? Just about everything is based on that because I'm lazy (but scaled bigger). So I'd copy the template, alter that copy in some unique way then attach it to other altered template copies. That gets tedious so I did another 'trick': after I attached like 5 pieces together (lazy), I pasted 3 copies of THAT, rotated each 45 degrees then scaled 400% sideways only (result is each is scaled a different direction so you have 3 'unique' larger pieces while being lazy. I really like how you can just draw a line in doombuilder2 and sever off sectors. The whole 'chasm' crack thing would be much more tedious in doombuilder1. (it would be even better if it would work with pasting.. say copy a 64x1024 (tall) sector and paste it on a 1024x64 (long) sector, automatically resulting in 4 perpendicular sectors with a small square sector in the middle).
Well at least I chose the 'look at me' icon since this post serves no useful purpose.


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