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Problem with action 36 (W1 Floor lower to 8 above highest floor)

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For some reason a couple walk-over-line triggers that activate action 36 seem to make the sectors rise by 8 into the ceiling instead of going down. It works perfectly fine in Boom but in using Chocolate Doom this happened no matter what I've tried to do in fixing it. Any idea of what might be wrong?

As an added bonus question: I can't seem to make a 3D bridge with crossbeams in vanilla Doom. I can make a bridge just fine without the crossbeams but adding the linedefs even with the, "merge geometry" turned off won't make the bridge work the way it should. I'd like to know exactly what I need to do to really make the crossbeams work.

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Action 36 probably means "Move to 8 above highest floor"

It will lower, as long as the highest floor is lower than this one.

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