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Questions for "Reality-Mode" Mod

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As the title says, I'm working on a quick little wad that will force reality-mode on the player. I would like to disable nukage if I can, but does anybody know a way to do this without redrawing the floor sectors in the map itself, or creating a new source port? :D

Could I use a dehacked code like:

text 7 7
...basically to rename all sectors of one name in a wad to a new name?


BTW, this post is for all my n00bie modding questions for the "reality-mode" mod that may never become anything at all. I might come back here asking some max-health_vs._soulsphere_health related questions.

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Your terminology is confused ("rename sectors"?) but I think what you're trying to do is impossible with DeHackEd. Whether or not a sector damages you is governed by the sector type, it's independent of the flat (i.e. texture) used.

As for soulsphere and max health:

Soulsphere Health is how much health a soulsphere adds on, up to a maximum of Max Soulsphere. It is independent from Max Health.

Max Health is a bit more complicated and depends on what engine you're using:

  • In Vanilla+Dehacked, it is the maximum value of your health that you can get from picking up health potions.
  • In Boom it means the maximum health you can achieve by picking up medikits. In Vanilla+Dehacked this is fixed at 100; in Boom, the maximum health you can get from health potions is twice the value of Max Health.
Confused yet? I know I am! Thanks to the Boom developers for implementing Dehacked support while apparently being unaware of what Dehacked actually does (c.f. monster infighting)

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Thanks RjY, I'm not completely convinced that it's impossible with DeHackEd yet.

I'm not a mapper at all, so I have no idea what terms to use. I think the code above could make it possible. From the wiki, damaging floors are set in the map by associating a special type value to a sector. The doom exe reads these type values from the WAD and interprets them as nukage areas. If the DEH file intercepts these type values and renames them to something a normal floor would use ... voila??

Also thanks for clearing up the Vanilla/Boom DEH health issue. That's exactly what I was wondering about. It would have taken me weeks to figure that one out by playtesting.

If I set max health to one point, Boom ports allow the player to achieve 2% health by picking up vials/soulspheres/megashpheres (even if I set "max soulsphere" to 1), but Vanilla will reinforce the set health at 1% every time the player picks up these health bonuses (even if I set "max soulsphere" to 2).

So basically the "max soulsphere" setting is useless unless it specifies a number within one specific range for boom ports and a completely different specific range for vanilla Doom. I guess now I can sleep at night knowing that that's sorted. :D

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Toughguy said:

If the DEH file intercepts these type values and renames them to something a normal floor would use ... voila?

There are plenty of values that dehacked cannot change.

Anyway, I think reality mode is better when it's used on maps created specifically for it, rather than shoehorned everywhere.

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You're probably right Gez; I'll just scrub the reality-mode project. It's something simple that becomes way too difficult to actually implement properly. Reality-mode speedruns are downright impossible to play in synch with a reality-mode mod running, and the mode would be completely useless without the ability to eliminate nukage hazards.

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