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Making 2 projects at the same time?Cheating?! ( lotsa pladdering)[may be off topic]

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This is mostly about a question I supose many of you have asked yourself:

You have this unfinished, unreleased wad, made by me ofc.
and you have this great idea about a new wad.
you make a nice map, and want more maps, and
then you realize you wount be done with this
wad if you dont make some good maps at once
so you think "well I just export my old maps harh harh!"
And as I've heard this is kinda considered as "cheating"
So, for a entire summer, this year, I made 4 maps for a
dead project, and these wount go for waste :)

so now Im about to put a second wad in progress, inspired by
the very superiorty of Alien Vendetta

So should I "cheat" then?

( here comes philosopical and a bit intresting pladder )

well, why Alien Vendetta? first, listening to the soundtrack of
map20, song named Mišri Halek, this one have an atmosphere
of somethingthat reminds me of these old days were you are stuck
with this agony of impossible choices and constant new possibilities
of advancing in DOOM, memories of light brown/yellow brickwalls with
supershotgun and an angry doomguy face on the late evenings.

good memories indeed, lots of feeling in it.

so thinking about these things makes you always look at DOOM from different angles, now, I see DOOM more like how Alien Vendetta is made, quite different from the dark and abient yet epic PSX DOOM and scallianos awarded Threshold Of Pain which inspired me to create my Realms Of Hate which, maybe is 50% done and ive been working on it for 3-5 months now, this AV inspired could be finished in maybe 2 weeks if I kick it in motion.

thiking again, but this time about detail, to make the player experience what you want it to experience, which details do you belive
are the most important to make the player feel what you want him/her
to feel? I belive, it all depends on sound and map structure, setting
the maximum odds for survival or death, what makes a wad worth playing in my opinion, is set by how much atmosphere it contains, this
is what ID Software succeded to do right from the start, aswell many
of us here on DoomWorld and anywere else. Andvanced map structures are
of course cool, but if it doesnt catch the any feeling, then its quite
empty, out of use unless you add something that gives it a feeling
, 'cus feelings are what controls us, no matter if we want it or not.

So then you start to wonder: Why DOOM from the first place when we today have games that are both superior in technology and gameplay?
It must be something more, right?

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D_GARG said:
So then you start to wonder: Why DOOM from the first place when we today have games that are both superior in technology and gameplay?
It must be something more, right? [/B]

This is because Doom has good enough gameplay to continually come back to it and never get bored. The engine is so perfectly crafted, and the levels are actually fun to play. Most modern games don't have the stuff that makes Doom what it is, never mind games from the early to mid-nineties in general. Not even id Software make games as good as they used to, it seems after Quake they can't seem to have them be the type of fun you constantly always want to come back to like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, and Doom. (though that isn't to say they aren't of incredible quality, they just don't seem to be as fun as their old ones)

Not to say there aren't good games anymore period, I've seen plenty of great games nowadays, it's just that there never seems to be the creativity that you would see bounding in those older games. I've always thought that the best games are usually made in smaller groups seem to be of a higher quality than games with like a couple hundred people on the team. For example, the old Sonic games, which are usually well praised, were made in small groups, usually consisting of 15-20 people, while th elater games, which are usually acknowledged as pure shit, have hundreds of people working on them. There's just something about a few people getting together to make something happen that works so well, and comes out with something great.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but... whatever. I'm just rambling on here.

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