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Faust - The Gateway To Limbo

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FAUST is another Hellish-themed classic episode for DooM and Team TNT's Boom engine. 9 levels of my own design that are meant to be pretty tough (beyond "thy flesh consumed") even when using nothing but original Doom monsters. ('Tis all about the design, boys!) Some different textures are to be added for diversity and flexibility as long as they remain mofied/recolored versions of the originals. (non-Doom II like) The project will be focused on giving a genuine original Doom feel/gameplay as much as possible, yet a more complex and immersive atmosphere/layout/design. All this keeping the level of map details very subtil.
There's nothing much more to say about it, just plain old maps. Besides, I don't wanna spoil too much of it.

So, since I know y'all gonna bitch at me if don't show screenshots :P
here they are:

So, it's coming and pretty much on a "done when it's done" timeframe like my other WIP.
For those who enjoy classic action, here's another one to toss in the bucket.

=> Status report <=
E2M1: 100%
E2M2: 100%
E2M3: 100%
E2M4: 30%
E2M5: 0%
E2M6: 15%
E2M7: 0%
E2M8: 0%
E2M9: 10%

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I love hell themed maps. Its looking great so far. I might have to finally download Boom and give this a shot when you release this episode.

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Thanks for the replies =)

@ Satyr000: I couldn't for the life of me get this to work on Doom.exe/Chocolate x_x

When I finished E2M1, it was Doom format. I tried running it on Doom.exe... It didn't last 15 seconds before it Visplane crashed on me lol not to mention the massive HOM. Besides I can't pass up on Boom's generalized specials, they're too usefull.

Maybe I will eventually attempt to make a simple vanilla wad in the future...

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darkreaver said:

Oh, I just realised its for Doom :/ Too bad...

Oh crap, I thought nearly everyone had Doom I...
SIt's just that all I ever see all the time is Doom II, Doom II, and more Doom II... Just wanted to make something with original Doomyness for a change, but still keep it modern as far as architecture goes. My apologies.

Btw, updated 1st post, added more screens.

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