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Rain spawner.

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Ok, so I got the actors, RainSpawner and RainDrop on my map. the RainSpawner thing has the following arguments:

1: 255
2: 5
3: 0
4: 0
5: 0

According to the directions included in the wad, the first argument makes the zone of the rain. The second argument makes the the heavy/light rain, in which I chose five to make it heavy. The third argument was to create the the sound, that works. The fourth argument makes it either 0: Square or 1: Circle. Now, I tried to follow the directions as best as possible, but the rain doesn't appear. Which is the only problem. I tried spawning a RainDrop thing, but it still doesn't appear. What did I do wrong?

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Manhunt21 said:

What did I do wrong?

You did nothing wrong.
The implementation of that rainspawner is not exactly well done.

You might want to take a look at JonnyFive's weathereffects for a better example.

There is also a pdf file included with full explanations.

Or, if you want something more dramatic, then take a look at

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A PK3 is a zip file with a different extension. How can you extract stuff from a zip file?

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