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Adding New Sprites

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In ZDOOM there are unused things. I had the idea to use
dehacked to make those new things. By using DeHacked
I was able to add a supershotgun for use in DOOM I.

The problem is that when I try to add a totally new sprite
with new names for each sprite frame I run into trouble.
It seems as though I can't really create totally new
sprites without running into some trouble.

How can I add new sprites without replacing any of the
older sprites?

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You can add sprites on to the end of exisiting sprite series without messing up exisitng stuff, but they are going to remain unused unless you use dehacked to tell zdoom how to use them.

There was a discussion about this on these forums a month or so ago, so a quick search here might turn it up.

I also briefly mentioned some sprite related stuff on my site. When you get there, click the "doom general" link.

My site

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