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Monopoly Canceled, Alpha "As-Is" Release

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Tribeam here, using my old account, since i cant make a new one or change my name, but anyway

-Copied from the Skulltag forums-

Well, with such a big project comes great failure, or something like that...

Anyway, I have no time to complete Monopoly, I haven't touched it in months, so I'm releasing what I have so far.

Included is both monopoly1, and monopoly2, and all sources, and all resources, and blah blah ect ect.

I'm releasing this in hope that maybe someone can start where I left off and get something going.


Edit: oh and some tips on monopoly 2

1. Clicking the ready button and adding a bot will close the skin selector, and bring you to the game.
2. puke 300 <spotnum> will move the camera to that spot during the game.

Edit2: i forgot to mention it requires opengl.

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