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Solo Project (Doom 2) The Mad Wizard

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This is a WAD I've been working on by myself for fun. It's currently 2 maps, I have 9 planned. It's for Doom 2 and the Doomsday engine (http://www.dengine.net). It should be playable on other engines, but it includes a .DED file for Doomsday with map info, lighting definitions and some other stuff.


So far, there are things I like and things I want to do better...I welcome any feedback or suggestions.

MAP01 - Mad Wizard's Hamlet - You start in your house, your small village overrun with monsters presumably summoned by the rumored "wizard" that owns the mansion. You must escape to track him down in his tower. It plays somewhat like a zombie movie at first I guess...you're in a building, many zombies outside. You'll have to go out there eventually, but for now, you have a shotgun, a second-story window, and a balcony. Cover is a good thing.

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MAP02 - Rocky Trek - Now that you've escaped, you'll have to go through (and sometimes under) the mountain pass to get to the tower. Again, strategy and cover are key elements.

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