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About that map from Portals.wad that I never finished...

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Since I'm not going to start on that project again, I figured I'd just put the map up for people to fuck around with.


Feel free to do whatever you want with it. IMO it's not that good of a map, but if you have some use for it you don't have to give me credit.

(So I don't get in trouble, credit for the music track goes to http://metal-midi.webs.com/.)

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I'm a big fan of aborted projects so I gave this one a spin. It seems like a good start. Feedback is obviously useless at this point but I can't help but nitpick it anyway:

-You use a blocking hanging body type in a place where you shouldn't.

-Remember that gunfire-activated linedef actions activate even if the bullets don't impact directly on the line - they just have to pass through it. What this means for your map is that even when shooting underneath the shootable switch, the switch's effect is activated and the player hears the usual "clunk-clunk" sound effect.

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