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Killer5 said:

Sunder map 02 Reality/UV Max in 10:13.

hey, totally awesome demo buddy! Whoever did this map, said that the last rev horde is very annoying, I also experienced it when I maxed it :D anyway, a really great work :)

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Amazing, sensational, I love the idea of doing this reality, it's so crazy. Did Insane_Gazebo classify this map as "impossible without saves"?.

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With respect to the deaf imp discussion for map 10 a few pages ago, it is possible to kill all of them with no luck involved. One is alertable by splash and one by chaingun fire as shown in Bloodite's max. The one he missed can be alerted by running off a nearby platform at the right spot with enough speed and he will see the player. As far as I can tell, there is no excuse not to go for a valid max here. :V


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4shockblast said:

Map 05 UV -fast in 8:51. Bonus segmented 7:59 included and the 2 SSG shot HK kill I posted in the rare kills thread.

Ouch, with the time Precarious has been utterly destroyed

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