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Sky Issues

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Hi all, I've been working on my map04 in DB2 using ZDoom in Heretic format, was curious as to why this would be happening..

My other levels (map01-map03) do have outdoor areas, however when I set the sky texture to those outdoor areas, I was able to pull off an outdoor feel to the area. When I'm setting my sky texture in map04 to F_SKY1 (or just SKY1), it shows up as a tiled-like texture instead of a sky appearance. Does anybody know why this is happening? My only guess to this had to do with the actual map, considering in Doom2, there is NO outdoor areas on map04. However that theory doesn't make sense because there are also no outdoor areas in map02 in Doom2.

I watched a few tutorials on youtube before posting this thread, and they all just tell me to set the sky texture, and the lower the ceiling, the more of a surrounding feel that the sky has.

Please help.. really trying to finish up my 4th map :P

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use scrictly F_SKY1 (and not any other sky looking textures)
If you want a different sky in Zdoom look here. There's examples at the bottom

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Nice, thanks so much I appreciate the quick reply. This resolved the issue. As to why I started using SKY1 in map04 as opposed to F_SKY1 like I did in the other 3 maps, I'm not sure.

Anyways thanks again. Cheers ^_^

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