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Experimental Doom Puzzle

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I like to play old wads because most of the time mappers liked to experiment with what was possible in Doom's engine. I was playing chris_k.wad on E1M3 and came across a rather trivial obstacle in the red skullkey room. Here's the brain buster.

The red skullkey is placed at the center of an elevated circular shape platform with armor bonuses encircling it. The structure of the circle is a series of wedge-shaped lifts, creating a shape similar to a pizza. Each line in between each of the wedges is a line action that when stepped over, causes the wedge lift to lower, wait, then raise. I was kinda playing around with this and found that if I ran in a small circle around the center point of the circle, the lines would all activate in sequence, and when raising back up, given the time it took for me to cross each line, the floors rose back up in the shape of a spiral staircase that I was able to run across.

(the floors were in motion as this screenshot was taken)

I was wondering if anyone sees any potential puzzle that might require me having to run up this staircase that I created in order to get somewhere that otherwise couldn't be accessed. Any thoughts?

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I like the idea, but I'm not sure how it could easily be implemented without it being possible for the player to just ride the highest-raising sector all the way up like a standard lift.

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Reminds me of Hyper Lode Runner. The refilling bricks concept is somewhat similar to lifts in Doom and you can probably get some ideas from that video. Pay attention to the timing of some of the puzzles, in particular the one at 5:35.

You could pull off some neat lift puzzles by having multiple lifts in a certain order that you have to time just right to solve.

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