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Deep water damage type variants and shielding from different types

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Hi! I'm learning to map using the Hexen format and have encountered some questions concerning deep water.

I've managed to create pools of deep water, and now I'm interested making different kinds of effects with the pools. I tried to add damage effects to the lava and poison pools, but am not happy with the outcome.

According to Zdoom wiki, sector damage effect greater than 48 will do damage through the player's shielding suit, but for some reason damage 49 doesn't do anything. However, damage 50 will kill the player instantly upon touching the pool.

Any ideas how to get around this? The ideal effect would be that it would be possible for the player to escape from the pool if he reacted quickly. I remember seeing a lava pit like this in Skulltag's The Mortal Conflict playmode's first map.

The script I tried below.

script 34 OPEN
sector_setdamage(30,50,14); // Lava pool damage 50
sector_setdamage(31,5,13); // Poison pool damage 5
sector_setcolor(32,0,0,155,155); // Waterpool color (controlsector 32)
sector_setcolor(33,155,0,0,155); // Lavapool color (controlsector 33)
sector_setcolor(34,0,155,0,155); // Poisonpool color (controlsector 34)

Could the lava/poison effect be achieved by editing the radiation suit to only shield from poison type (13) damage? Another powerup could shield from type (14) lava damage. I've tried all sorts of things but haven't managed to get anything to work.

EDIT!: Scratch that, I was using the wrong names for each attack type. 13 is "slime", damage used in poison sectors in doom, 14 is "fire", damage used in lava sections. Poison and lava are damage types introduced in hexen. So, figured it out :)

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