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Removing the Doom pistol

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Okey, so I'm working on a wad that uses no original doom weapons. Otherwise this has worked great except for a little problem that is pretty awkward. You always start the first map with the wimpy pistol in your hand. First you have to deselect the pistol to get rid of it (there is no weapon slot place for the pistol, all the slots are for the new weapons, so once the pistol is lowered it cannot be selected again on purpose).

Also, if the other weapons run out of ammo, you might reselect the pistol again automatically. Not a very fluent effect if you thought that you didn't have the pistol with you at all.

I'm thinking that changing the startup weapon in the wad to the fist would solve the problem, the pistol could be removed from the inventory with a simple takeinventory script in the beginning of the first level, but for some reason I couldn't get a OPEN script execute a takeinventory and setweapon command.

So, is it possible to set the wads startup weapon to something else than the pistol?

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It doesn't matter what the weapon slots are set to. If Player.StartItem "pistol" exists in the player class definition, he will always have a pistol at the start of a map. He'd have to change that to some other weapon.

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Bishop said:

You might have to modify the internal player class for this.

That can't be done. To replace the default inventory of a player you have to define a new player class. Any attempt to mess around with the internal definitions from a PWAD will result in a fatal error message.

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