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Random obituaries in ZDoom ports

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Is it possible to have the obituary lines to have one that draws from multiple choices so the death message is random?

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I don't know but maybe look at:

Hmm, maybe make 3 or so doom imp clones in decorate, make them all the same except different obituary strings. Then maybe change the species (APROP_Species in above link.. i don't see a way to set the actor obituary string property).

another way maybe is to replace the imp in decorate with a new imp that has no obituary string. Then use acs scripts to make an obituary on your own with http://zdoom.org/wiki/HudMessage or something.

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Using a RandomSpawner along with different enemies that have different obituaries is doable, but really hacky. I wonder if a $random for LANGUAGE would be considered...

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