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Daedalus is crashing in ZDoom

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I just downloaded Daedalus (awesome so far, btw. Cinematics, level hubs, and actual missions in Doom? who would've thunk it?) but it's freezing on me every time I try to get to the engine room from engineering. I'm not sure if there's multiple ways to get there, but just to be specific, it's the elevator (or transport shaft) in the room with the 4 imps in cages and the revenant in the center of the room. So I kill the 5 of them, and then push the button to activate the transport, but when i enter the transport, the game freezes and all the demons in the next level start leaving trailers as they move around. It's like the Doomguy took some LSD before entering the engine room.

Can anyone help? I'm using ZDoom in Windows 7, and I believe I have the newest versions of it and Daedalus.

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Isnt Daedalus for Legacy? I always thought so, but maybe I`m wrong :P

But if it IS, maybe that has something to do with your problem

edit: no it isnt, I just checked

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