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Arch-Vile Jump (megawad)

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Hey DooMworld community, after 1 year collecting ideas and after 9 months of hard work I finally finished my megawad called "Arch-Vile Jump" (doom2-format)

here the description:

You ever used the vertical boost of an
Arch-Vile-Attack? It doesn't matter if you are a
speedrunner or a from time to time player. With some
time getting into this, this will make fun for each
kind of player.
The aim of this wad is to complete the maps by
especially using Arch-Vile-Jumps, which describes the
vertical boost of an Arch-Vile-Attack, and
Rocket-Jumps without getting killed.
In map32 you also have to kill monsters because they
will distract you from jumping through the map.

some screenshots:

http://img577.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=map01.png (a specific screenshot for each map)

some of map32:

and for the speedrunners out there, the first published speedrun:


additional to that you can look up my personal attitude to each map and mode for speedrunning in the txt-file of the wad.

you can download the wad from one of the following sites:



for Multiplayer the immortal_arch-vile.wad is useful, so nobody can kill the Arch-Vile:


the use of this wad is ONLY to play map32 with doom2.exe

there is no difference (for the player) between doom2.exe avj with avjp01 map32 and prboom-plus avj map32 without avjp01

you can download it here:


or here:


you can download both together here:


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Clever idea! Reminds me of Cyberdreams but kind of the opposite. Fun too, but pretty frustrating though, I'm not very good at archvile jumps :) Took me like 5 tries to finish map01, at any rate. The title and intermission screens are good too.

I think maybe the first few maps could do with having to make fewer jumps to finish them, as a more gentle introduction. You might also consider putting a DEHACKED lump in the wad to change the map names on the automap, if you are so inclined. Here's one I extracted from the map names in the text file.

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Yes, nice idea, and indeed conceptually reminiscent of Cyberdreams. Years ago I suggested a novelty wad where the player would only exit if they did absolutely nothing, and allowed monster actions (such as archie blasts) to push them to the exit. I guess this is a version where you have to move. :p

I took a very quick look through the maps in search of any where I could do some smartass demo, exiting without any archie assistance, but found nothing obvious. So it looks solidly constructed.

One thing does look like an error: in the txt it is stated:

Demos                   : Yes (4 Doom v1.9f recordings)
However, there are no internal demos in the wad, nor are there any in the zip. Were they forgotten?

And one other thing you might want to change if you make a revised upload: the files being in a subfolder (AVJ\) within the zip isn't terribly user-friendly, as it is possible for the user to extract the files and then wonder where the hell they are. Personally I just drag and drop the files to wherever I want them (or use them from within the zip), so it doesn't bother me, but some people operate differently.

But a big thumbs up to the concept and the mapping!

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First of all thank you both for your comments and for giving this wad a try :)

yeah, some months after I started to create this wad a betatester said that this wad reminds him of cyberdemon...
I was surprised that I havn't heard sth about that great wad before,
it's primary goal is like my wad not to kill the monsters like with the usual way

@RjY thank you for doing this, I also wanted to change the automap names but I forgot it, maybe because I don't look often in the automap (well I know the maps, so why should I ;))
: / and I think changing the wad after I released it isn't a good idea except it isn't a HUGE problem... and I think the automap names isn't one, so I won't change it, hopefully you can live with that :)

@Grazza so what about creating one for your own Grazza? I searched at doomworld for such wads, but couldn't find any, that was another reason why I made one for myself
mh... :) well, there are also maps which hasn't got any Arch-Viles, but I think you mean sth else
there are also maps in which you can take for example a shortcut, or even sth real special, but I want people like you to find them instead of telling them :D (maybe you also can find sth I havn't knew yet)

to the demos: I started to make the txt-file some months ago, so it seems that I forgot this line to deleat, but for you I put a demo in the AVJ.zip :)
I also made it now without a subfolder, thank you for the hint :)

I hope you enjoyed having a look into this

P.S. Merry Christmas :D !

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termrork said:

@Grazza so what about creating one for your own Grazza? I searched at doomworld for such wads, but couldn't find any, that was another reason why I made one for myself

I'm not really a mapper, and don't have any spare time anyway. Though I did "create" a "map" where if you move or fire you exit as a zombie, but if you stay still, then you exit with full health/armour. But that's just to serve a specific purpose, and not an "inaction marathon" (and doesn't use an arch-vile).

well, there are also maps which hasn't got any Arch-Viles, but I think you mean sth else

Well, I did only take a very quick look to see if I could spot any gross, hackish, unintended shortcuts. The info that there are some cunning intended shortcuts built in is interesting, and it will be fun to try to find them.

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interesting wad/demo, I especially like how you made map04 ;)
honestly I was thinking to include a special secret in map31/32 which you only can reach with this zombi trick... but I let it out because a lot sourceports does not support the possibility of this trick
good luck finding shortcuts ;)

maybe you learn to like them with this wad, without their help you can't pass the maps :D

thank you a lot :D, I am looking forward playing your wad

true, a quite chellenging wad, I tried to keep the difficulty increasing from map01 to map32

imo you can train AVJs with this wad very well...
during the creation of this wad my AVJ-skills became much better
jumps which were difficult at the beginning became easier and easier

and there will be even more :)

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