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Megawad - In need of testers

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I am currently developing a 32-map megawad with full array of features and extras, but however I cannot constantly go back and test these maps thoroughly and edit them at the same time. I constantly overlook details or sometimes just run by places without second thought of if it might be affecting somewhere else. So I need to a assemble a team of 4 testers. I want exactly 4 because that is the usual Co-op player limit. here are the requirements for those people:

1) You MUST be DooM multiplayer port neutral, this wad is suppose to be compatible with ALL multiplayer ports, including Odamex.

2) The team needs to be cooperative with eachother (of course) I don't want people to constantly start shooting eachother in the middle of testing

3) You have to have atleast a small idea about mapping, so that way you can tell me if something specific went wrong, and it would help greatly if you could tell me exactly what the problem was.

4) You have to be ready to replay the same maps over, and over, and over again, I want to make sure this is glitch free.

5) Never play the wad by yourself if you're going to evaluate it, this is meant to be played with people, so that way you can have others there to double-check errors. However I do not mind if you play it for leisure purposes.

6) Need to be professional level-breakers, thats right. I want you to literally play each level and try to break it.

7 *Not a major requirement*) But I would prefer the testers to have a Skype, that way I can distribute the wad without having to host it first. And it would make for good communication when I have to tell the testers to test something.

Information of Wad :-
Name: Defiler
- Cooperative wad along with a Deathmatch side
- Simple-Layout, meaning the maps aren't easy to get lost in
- 22 Maps, and still making more

If this interests you, feel free to send a reply or PM me if you wish. If people need to see screenshots to make a decision, let me know and I'll post some.

Screenshot 1-

Screenshot 2-

Screenshot 3-

Screenshot 4-

Screenshot 5-

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Indeed, screenshots would be much appreciated. Will you be needing music for this, too? :P I don't know if I'll be up for testing as I'm not a multiplayer person, except the occasional coop in Unreal.

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I'll get those Screenshots up, as for Primeval: You don't have to be a Deathmatch expert to play, you just gotta make sure the Deathmatch portion works. Also I haven't even put in the DM levels yet, but I will get on that soon enough, I just gotta make sure my Coop maps are back up to date since the last format of my HDD.

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