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DB2 help

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And it's not a question of DB2 or any other map editor, by the way. It's just how Doom works.

If you want a single switch to perform multiple actions, you have to make it trigger a script (that's the single action the switch will do) and it is the script that will perform two or more actions.

Scripting can be done with ACS (Hexen, ZDoom, Vavoom), FraggleScript (Legacy, GZDoom), or voodoo dolls if you want Boom-level compatibility. There is no vanilla Doom solution. (Other than a hack with a triggered crusher that'd kill a commander keen and a boss monster, allowing you to blaze open a door and lower a floor at about the same time, provided you use DeHackEd to change the hit point count, and use one of the E1M8, E4M6 or E4M8 slots. So it's excessively limited and complicated.)

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The use of voodoo-dolls is really simple. Read up on it!

I would have made you an example.wad but I`m not on my own computer right now.

btw: what do you want the switch to do?

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Uhh...I wanted it to raise something and to lower another thing...whatever,I'll use a trigger.My level sucks anyway.

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