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Need an advice, especially from megawad maders?

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How do you remove yourself out of boring when you create a wad and you want to reach it for 32?

I created thousands of wads which meant to be megawad, but i stop working on it not because i'm busy, but bored.

Why didn't i complete Hell Z for example? Because i lost interest in it.
Why i don't have well detailed maps? Because sometimes i get lazy

I'm really afraid from the next time, because today i got excited to start a megawad, but i'm afraid when i reach map 8, i lose interest in it.

I know this sounds weird, but how do you make yourself ambitious about completing a megawad?

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How long have you been making it?

I think boredom comes from not being totally sure of what you're going for. You should consider breaking up your megawad into smaller groups of similarly themed maps. Think about pcorf's and Kristian Aro's approach to Whispers of Satan, where they made a few maps oriented around a certain theme for each section of the megawad, then compiled them all together for the full thing. I'm pretty sure Scythe 2 was made the same way.

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I think i'm gonna start now, as usual doom 2 style which means (except MAP12-MAP20):
MAP01-MAP06 Techbase theme
MAP07-MAP11 Hellish Techbase theme
MAP12-MAP20 Earth, Plutonia theme
MAP21-MAP30 Hellish theme
MAP31-MAP32 Wolfenstein theme or special level effects

Sometimes i call a partner to work so that it doesn't go for nothing.

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