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Lila Feuer

Current Doom gaming session

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Game: Doom II: Hell on Earth
PWAD: Hell Revealed II
Level: 25 out of 32
Objectives: Beat HR2, try not to get raped.
Enemies: All
Weapons: All
Difficulty: Ultra-Violence (because I hate myself)
Source Port: GZDoom
Mods: None

I went through and completed HR last year and loved it, this is my first time trying to play through HR2 properly, it has (IMO) an extremely infuriating introduction that made me ragequit a while back in the early levels, but I've tried it again and soon as the slaughter maps kicked in it's been good old fashioned HR.

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I'm halfway through the first episode of Alien Vendetta. Finished "Hillside Siege" this morning! Arrrrgghhh!!!! Doesn't get much better than this!!! Onto "Showdown" now! I doubt I'll ever play Scythe 2 again in a LONG time. I'm thinking of revisiting the first Scythe in the next few weeks / months though, hehe.

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