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Looking for Odamex Dedicated server ideas

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CoffeeNet recently aquired a new server and MiX-MaN has given me permission to start 20 new Odamex servers on it. So far I have a duel server that rotates between Doom2 map01 and Dwango5 map01, and a gothicdm classic Deathmatch. I still have 18 servers to go though.

So I need ideas on what to host. I really do not want to host the same stuff that I already host on [DTX1] or on any other servers so I'm trying to be creative.

Any ideas?

Please remember:
*Odamex currently does not support levels with voodoo dolls.
*I can have multiple pwads on one server and rotate the levels
*Nothing with ZDoom stuff, keep it BOOM compatible.

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Not yet. There is very early, incomplete support for Heretic at the moment in the odaraven branch. Levels load, but things generally don't work.

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Full map rotation DM and Duel servers.

New Odamex doesnt crash any maps. But some oddness of MAP05, 17 and 25 due to zdoom things. Still playable probably.

EDIT> Actually need to delete ANIMDEFS, then wad works fine.

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Dwango5 FFA Rotation. We had a 8+ player game going the other night and it was as fun in 2010 as it was in 2000 on csdoom

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