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Posting my first demos! (For the DSDA)

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Hi, everyone. I've been playing Doom off and on for years...started around when I was 5. Back then...well, let's say I abused IDDQD and IDKFA. I lost interest when I started going into primary school. (Sounds awfully funny to say that.) Recently within the past year, I've been getting back into it. And I thought, what the hell, I'll start recording. I used to use Skulltag, but now I have PrBoom+ After asking Opulent a few questions, I started with Hell Revealed (interesting to start with the hardest damned WAD), then moved on to 1 Monster,then did a few from Ultimate Doom. I already sent the HR UV-Max MAP01 and 1 Monster UV-FDA MAP01 to Doug. Here are the rest. And before you watch, no you won't be blown away. But any advice is appreciated. (Mouse + Keyboard)

Pwad: doom.wad
Pwad name: Doom
Maps: E1M1
Skill: 4
Category: Max
Exe: prboom-plus.exe

Time: :43

Author: Mark Schuler
Email: schulerm1@xavier.edu
HP: http://facebook.com/mark.a.schuler

Comments: Some ugly ass aiming in the computer room.


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aceylone777 said:

(Should I even bother posting FDA's for future reference?)

All demos are welcome here.

Everyone has different ideas about what level of quality is required for them to want to release them to the public, but it's a personal choice. Some only release a demo if they feel it is close to optimal. Others are happy with a demo that shows off an interesting map or a cool idea. And so on.

Given that you've just started recording, and if you're looking to get some feedback on how you might improve, then why not post any demo where you have tried your hardest?

Note that there is a thread devoted to FDA demos, which is a good place to post any demos of that type. In the Demos forum, you are always welcome to post a demo in the thread where it best belongs, even if that thread is quite old.

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