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Dread WIP

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Dread is going to be a 5-6 level wad when I'm finished with it. (I'm assuming the name dread hasn't been used before.) My goal with this project is to make a wad that looks good and is fun to play. I have here some screen shots and level 1 of the wad itself, I haven't gotten around to polishing level one, but I want you guys to play it and tell me if I'm on the right track. Part of level 2 is there as well, but it isn't anywhere near done.

And now the wad.


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The screenshots look good, the areas look very fun... I'll try this in a few minutes.

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FDA. Short and not very difficult, making it ok for a first level. Possibly a little too easy to keep interest for a 5-6 map wad, but I'm a bit biased ;) Architecture generally looks good and doesn't get in the way. The edit to the crate texture you used in the blue key pit kinda clashed, should think about using a grayer/more metallic look with the blue text/logo. Haven't looked at map02, probably won't until it's finished. Anyway, it looks very good, an improvement from your other maps. Keep at it.

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