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General Rainbow Bacon

DH85 accomplishments thread

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I decided to share with all of you my progress towards getting better at Doom and record my progress by showing demos of me beating hard maps. Here's a demo of a level I had a hard time with doing 100% kills on, map 20 of dot.wad I will continue posting my demos in this thread from now on to keep a record of my skill improvements. I hope this demo is a good start :)


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Another demo for anyone who wants to watch: This one's a mlm12.wad
map 18 UV-max. Gotta say, one of the hardest levels I've maxed, and a level I previously couldn't beat, so I actually do think of this one as an accomplishment :) Plus it's a table filler. Enjoy!

To those HR-skilled players: How am I doing so far?


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