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General Rainbow Bacon

mlm12.wad level 18 problem

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Linedef 783, in front of the red key, tries to lower the floor of sector 150, the front part of the cacodemons' holding area, to activate the trap. To make the trap go off faster, it uses the turbo lower floor type. This type lowers the floor to eight above the highest (not lowest) adjacent.

It's not meant to include itself when working out what is the height to which it is meant to lower. Unfortunately however sector 150 contains several self-referencing linedefs - that is, linedefs with the same sector on front and back sidedefs, 150 in this case - these confuse Doom into including the height of the sector itself in the calculation, and the floor won't move (in fact, it will instantly jump up eight units, IIRC)

Boom fixed this except in Doom demo compatibility mode, but I suppose the author didn't test the map in that complevel, so I guess you could call the bug a Boomism. In any case you will need to record in Boom compatibility for the trap to work. Or you could just call it bank error in your favour, and record regardless, being happy in the knowledge that you've got an easier job than you originally thought :)

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