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Magnum Express

Doom Builder 2

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It sounds like you're creating so-called "middle walls", linedefs within sectors with middle textures can be made to look like solid walls and made impassable, but you can always shoot through them unless some trickery is involved (don't ask me.. nothing comes to mind).
As seen here. A middle wall that you can walk through. Fences are also middle walls.

A proper wall needs to be either a separate sector tall or low enough for your needs, or void with textured edges. Both types seen below.

Generally speaking, you should use the "void" type of wall when you don't need it for lowering or visual appearance, for example. They're more efficient and clean than the raised/lowered sectors.
Hope this cleared it up a bit.

...and on an unrelated note, I find that the sky flat not being on the "Outdoors" category of textures & flats is the ultimate irony.

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In the lower right corner of the window you will find (from right to left) the current X and Y coordinates on map, zoom level, grid size and current game configuration. Just click the grid icon and a menu will pop up with different mappixel values. Choose one that is lower than your current setting (if your current setting is 32 mp, you could choose 8 mp for example) and you will be able to draw thinner sectors.

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Magnum Express said:

It won't let me upload the wad.

Is your web browser configured to block javascript and/or flash? They're the most likely causes, an overly restrictive firewall is another.

Just tell me any possibilities as to what is wrong with the walls I create.

There's all manner of weirdness that could be going on - unclosed sectors, double-sided linedefs backing onto the void - or - what you're treating as void space is actually another sector.

"Void space" is any part of the map that's not defined as a sector.

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Magnum Express said:

.... Just tell me any possibilities as to what is wrong with the walls I create.

Unfortunately there are more than one possibilities for the cause of your problem.

Until you can find a way to upload your map, you can read up on:
the basics of map design
or more specifically
Doom Builder: An Illustrated Guide
to get acquainted with the rudiments of mapping.

In particular read up on the sidedness of linedefs/sidedefs.

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