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Arch-Vile Jump (megawad) demos [-complevel 2]

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GrumpyCat said:

Map16 Pacifist 0:39

I hate the doors contraption before blue key =)

hahaha why? it teaches you how long you have to wait for the lift to raise :).

btw, I mentioned sub 30 mins should be possible in map32
today I tried UV speed again after a long time
2nd try: 43:00
4th try: fail at last jump at around 35 mins
5th try: fail at last jump at around 29 mins

the 5th try I made a 2 segment TAS demo out of it. It is actually sub 30 mins in 29:57.
The cut for the 2nd segment is directly before the last jump (around 29:20), and of course it was the first try doing it -.-.

So sub 30 is surely possible.

Please DO NOT UPLOAD it to doomedsda.us


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GrumpyCat said:

Map19 Pacifist 0:31

And bonus - the way to take red key without av assistance, useful for tas.

oh wow nice! thank you for your find of the red key trick! It will come very handy in the next map19 TAS, EP2 TAS or D2ALL TAS

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Hello guys, it's time for a bump!

Map 32 UV Speed time 41:10

It's a shame that my time and termrork's are very similar, but hey, it's still a little bit faster, so I decided to upload it anyway (but please ignore that double jump to red door, it's horrible to watch).

Off topic:


I hope I won't disappear again, in these months I've been really busy with my master thesis, I should graduate next month. That's basically the reason why I'm not speedrunning in this period (aside this magical map occasionaly).


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awesome job red! it is a great demo and actually having this 8 min delay in it at a single jump is in my opinion better than having an ordinary 41m time (like I do). the reason is because this shows if you could have pulled off this single jump you could easily have a 33m time! congratulations!

of course I will try everything to get that record back >:)
to be honest I already know this demo for some time and I already tried it 44 times without success... what does NOT mean I give up, this is just the beginning!

btw. that bump came to the right time, it is 1 day before 1 year has been passed :)!

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attached is an attempt of map32 uv tyson. it is segmented and done with prboom-plus.

actually it is to at least 90% done and shows that map32 uv tyson is indeed possible.




this demo is not meant to be uploaded to doomedsda.us


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