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Forum rules question

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The ATTNed thread above says:

I heard there was an alpha version of the game or something like that floating around.
Yes, there is a leaked alpha version of Doom 3 floating around the Internet. Do not ask for it. Requesting or linking to the alpha, screenshots of the alpha and the likes is your ticket to an instant ban. We urge you to report any offending posts to the staff the second you see them (use the 'Report to mod' button or send a message).

Note: This includes the so-called "Trent Reznor Sound Pack", which uses reoucres from the alpha.

Discussion about the alpha is not an offence in itself.

The Trent Reznor part interests me. So basically if I suggest a Doom 3 enhancement mod -- or even worse, a Doom 3 mapset -- that among all its added and possibly legal features, also has some of Trent Reznor's sounds, am I banned?

Similarly, am I banned if I release a D3 mod that selectively uses some Trent Reznor sounds, where appropriate?

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I don't think anyone would would really know or find out, if you release it at FileFront. Or care for that matter.

Even though, Ive never seen this rule before. Is it 'illegal' to ask about what the hell this is about and why its all dilly-dally?

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It's probably fair to say that few of the forum staff care very much about Doom 3, but the rule still stands - much as it does for any illegal content, whether for Doom games or not.

So I'd suggest not linking to, or asking for (etc.), any content that you know is only available publically as a direct result of the leak of the Doom 3 alpha.

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