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DOOM Enhanced.

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(If this is the wrong forum, sorry, I did not know where to post it elsewhere and this seemed the most appropriate)

I was recently browsing the forums and I saw this thread:
And I thought of something, instead of keeping it to only ideas, lets make something with them!

It would be alot of work but we could create a team of forum members! There is alot of talent on this forums! Oh, and because I look new doesn't mean I am. I'm probably the most huge forum lurker you'll ever see ;-).

I especially like the idea of different version of monsters:
*Speaking of enemies, different classes of each type would be cool but time consuming. I've played wads with many variations on characters but I'm talking more about age. Like perhaps there are immature, younger cacodemons that are smaller but faster moving, and have a slightly different fireball attack. Or old revanants that are slow moving but have more armor and a more dangerous attack. Or young mancubi that are thin and very fast, but have less powerful cannons. Perhaps an old spider mastermind that is too weak to walk but able to hatch archnotrons.

What would be my part of this you ask? Well, I can do several things: I can code, (acs and decorate) make sprite edits, I also make ALOT of maps. (I made 2 maps in the last 3 days, but I never released anything)

But first things first: What do you think? Is this a good idea? Would it work?

I realise its an enormous if not gigantic project. But I think it will be worthwhile. There are alot of experienced modders/map creaters/artists in this forums, so I have a very good feeling about something like that.I also Think this would create an unique mod that will be fun to play.

-Alpha HUD
-Different gib animations
-Adjusted weapons
-More death sprites (not gib)
-Different versions of classic monsters
-A possible HUB-like gameplay
-Better blood splatter
-Shaking screens when near explosions
-Wandering monsters
-Alternate monster attacks (like the stomping cybie)
-literally ripping monsters apart when berserk
-Gibs for stronger monsters (or alternate less gory deaths)

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I won't be outright dismissive but here is my take:

  • Without a clear list of goals/objectives and some kind of thematic coherency it would devolve into a mass of jumbled up stuff like AEoD.
  • Given that the list started out as things which are impossible/impractical to do in DOOM, some of those things were barely feasible for native code, let alone the much more restrictive ACS and DECORATE. So you'd need to stick to the ones that are realistic.
  • Quite a bit of it's been done in various mods, just not all at once.

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Several of these things appear in a mod entitled, surprise, Doom Enhanced. The latest version of which appears here.

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I am aware of that mod, though I think it would be possible to create something that's a little bit... more :P

The reason I did not make something schematic or plan-like yet is because I first want to know what people think about the idea alone.

About it being impractical: The only impractial thing would be ripping monsters appart.

Also, yes I am aware most of it HAS been done already but... I wan't to create something that has all of it.

It may seem impractial regarding the monster patrolling etc. but I'm also talking about new maps, though I did not make that clear in my first post.

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