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New HighRes ZDOOM XTHEATER level and DeePsea support

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ZDOOM (beta33) has support for not only large patches, but also the ability to scale TEXTURES to a smaller size. What this means is that you can take very large PATCHes, put them in texturse and then scale the textures to 1/2, 1/4 etc size. In a level the end result is image clarity like you've never seen before! Large patches make it way easier to keep image clarity intact.

I originally made the XTHEATER level to show that large textures were possible. Randy took the ball and cooperated with me to support tall patches too!

I added many large patches to the XTHEATER level scaled down in textures, giving (I hope) a pretty good idea of what high res textures can do for your levels.

The new version of DeePsea (11.57) makes working with scaled textures just as easy as regular textures as well as other changes. Final scaled sizes are show, the image as scaled is previewed, and the X/Y offsets in particular are automatically adjusted as required for scaled textures.

See www.sbsoftware.com for details on both of these.

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Jack, I've checked out your new version of XTheater, and I was impressed with the new textures. However, I couldn't tell which were scaled down and which weren't. (I'll probably open the wad up in an editor to see.)

Overall, the map has a very nice effect.

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I don't know if the game resolution makes a big diff or not, but as long as one runs at least 640x480 it should be ok. My own testing is at 1024x768.

One clue is that pixel size close up is smaller than for "normal" size textures. Since almost all the textures were scaled (including a few stock DOOM ones), you can't easily tell, since you don't have a direct comparison inside the level:)

And thanks again for your comments.

Anything that looks like the same patch but a different size, -is- the same patch, just scaled. So for example, the stylized Egyptian head is used outside the theater, on the waste cans sides and some doors. The smaller they are, the crisper the image.

All the new females are scaled (some old ones still the same). The outside one is scaled just a little (8/10). The moving one inside on the left is 1/2 size, the exact same moving image on the right is 1/8 size. Then inside to the left is about 1/10th size and so on.

I wanted to get some newer pictures for the moving sequence. Dithering had to be done to get the color to match. In the time I had, couldn't find an acceptable moving replacement sequence. One of the things I'll be looking for:)

The new ones were easier to match with just a little tweaking and making them look much better.

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Oh and the textures will only look correct/viewable in DeePsea. The scheme I came up with won't crash any other editor. They just won't decode it up to the right size, so some textures will look odd as they wrap around.

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