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Help me find a wad...again. (VIRUS.WAD? VIRUS10X.WAD?)

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Hi.. more WAD finding time...

I remember a wad I played back in 96 that had a lot of shawn/shiny metal texturing, and at the end was a scrolling ticker with song lyrics about a virus, in red text on black. This WAD was so ridiculously hard for me as a kid, and now I can't find it anywhere. It was named Virus10x.wad or Virus.wad or something of that nature. I can't find it on the archives. All I remember more about it is that it was inspired by a song called "virus" and one lyric on the ticker/scroller at the end was "it is everything you are!".

ANYONE have an idea on this one? I found it on the cdrom.com archives soooo long ago.

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