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Magnum Express

XWE and DB2

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Now XWE has messed up ZDoom, because when I attempt to load ZDoom, a message saying "Script Error, "zdoom.pk3:TEXTCOLO" line 5: The color has to many ranges" comes up. Help with that would be extremely useful, too.

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Huh, I've used XWE and Doom Builder as two separate animals. I never knew you could use them both together. I've always made a separate wad file for graphics and music and such and then imported that wad into Doom Builder as a resource.

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1. Do not open IWADs with XWE.
2. Do not open zdoom.pk3 (or any other port's data files) with XWE.
3. Do not modify IWADs or port data files.
4. Redownload ZDoom.
5. Try SLADE.

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StupidBunny said:

Also, note that XWE will tend to fuck the WAD up if it and the map editor have the same WAD open at the same time.

True statement. Always close the wad in your editor before modifying it in XWE.

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Slade should work with WinXP as well...

Try the SVN build; it's compiled with MSVC2005 rather than MSVC2010.

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Ok.. Short and simple, I imported several Textures and flats on to what I want to call a texture wad. I did that so i can use it in doom builder and have everything I need in one resource. The only problem I have now is how to make the animated wall textures do their thing.. I have all the necessary textures., for example "GFALL_1 GFALL_2 GFALL_3 GFALL_4" when I place them they dont move... But when I place BRFALL_1 BRFALL_2 BRFALL_3 BRFALL_4
they work fine as doo the othe 5 different fall typs.. Now someone told me the textures are linked together by order of names or some nonsense, any help is greatly appreciated.

I am Using XWE, I never had any of the problems described down below. I do only use it for import/export though..

UPDATE: I just got Slade 3.

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To help the OP if you're still around are you still having problems with the Monsters? If so I can help.

Step 1: Load XWE and load up the monster wad containg the monster you want in your pwad. (For instance find the file with 'BFGCOMMANDO' (Monster name) and just load it with XWE.

Step 2: In 'ALL' find the file named 'DECORATE'. If the creator has been a good boy and labelled the text in this file correct (for GZDOOM anyway) it should look like this:

actor BFGGuy 32000
obituary "%o was vapourized by a zombie's BFG9000."
health 50
radius 20
height 56
mass 100
speed 8
painchance 170
seesound "chainguy/sight"
painsound "chainguy/pain"
deathsound "chainguy/death"
activesound "chainguy/active"
dropitem "BFG9000"
missiletype BFGBall

These are the only parts that matter to you if you are importing a custom monster from another site.

If the top section of your custom monsters 'DECORATE' file looks like this everything should be ok when the game starts.

What you will find however is that you want to make this monster appear in your map, when using Doom Builder 2 of course.

This isn't a problem. Once you are this point looking at the DECORATE file first things first:

Step 1: Check that all the text is right, and more importantlythis part:

actor BFGGuy 32000

With a lot of custom monsters I have used I noticed that there was sometimes a number missing, this number that I have underlined is the ID that you will use to make it appear in DOOM BUILDER 2. If there is no number simply create one. It can be any number between 1 and 32,000 (well a bit more)

BEWARE! Don't create a number not knowing if there is another monster or weapon etc with the same number. You could end up replacing the number of a Cacodemon, or even a shotgun.

It's usually safe to pick a high number. Just go with 32000 like I have for now.

Step 2: After putting a number close the wad in XWE after saving it.

Step 3: Load up your PWAD with XWE.

Step 4: Click on 'File' and go down to 'MERGE'.

Step 5: Find the monster's wad and double click it. XWE will then import it.

Step 6: Close your PWAD and THEN load up Doom Builder 2.

Step 7: Load up your map or whatever and then place a thing, it doesn't matter what.

Step 8: Underneath the List of different things you can pick there will be a box with a number. In this box you are going to type in the number of your monster, (I gave it 32000 so here I would put in 32000).

There you have it. Start up the game and baddabing! There's the new monster to blow the shit out of :)

PS. When adding even more monsters go through the same steps I showed you here and check that the text for 'DECORATION' is similar.

If you also want to add custom weapons, items, props etc just let me know as there are different problems doing that depending on who's file you download.

Good luck ;)

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Yes. You need to make arch-viles with a Raise state.

And that's really entirely off-topic, so you'd be better off asking this kind of questions in a new thread.

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