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pr-boom+ non-existent sidedef

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Hi folks.

I have a very bad habit when it comes to testing my maps. I test them very very often, and usually i test them in pr-boom+ cause I want them to work with that port. But when I test the map for the looks I test with GZDoom cause I think the maps look better in GZDoom.

So now I've spent several hours building and testing... in GZDoom, then pr-boom+ gives me this error: P_LoadSegs: linedef # for seg # references a non-existent sidedef ######. The numbers in the error message varies from time to time. I've spent some time reading the wiki for solutions etc ut I don't understand the source of this problem at all.

I map in DB2 in boom format. I've been troubled by this error before on my previous map in this wad when I tried to use scrolling floor actions. Removing the scroll floor, move things action and deleting the sector that was supposed to move solved the problem. I opened up the old map just now and tried to make a scroll floor, move things action in a new sector, just to try. I got the same error opening the map in pr-boom+ and deleting (undoing) did NOT solve the problem. Now I'm back to square 1 with the old map as well.

I've tried using different nodebuilders as well. Please help? :(

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