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Problem with linedef type 63 in vanilla Doom?

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Hi all!

I've been fooling around with Doom map building in the past months, and I've came across a strange bug: whenever I use linedef type 63 for a door, and then test it in vanilla (or chocolate) Doom II, it makes a weird bug. I try my best to explain it: when the door opens, it creates an unpassable HOM in the place of the other "line" of the door, then it lowers ALL the ceiling in the map - making the whole map unplayable.
I'm using Doom Builder II with Doom II settings, and the map only uses stock Doom stuff. When I replaced these linedef types with 1 (regular open/wait/close door), then nothing unusual happens.

Does this happened to someone else, or is it only at my computer?

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I guess you forgot to use a tag. That's guaranteed to mess up the map when using a port that doesn't check for such an incorrect use.

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A more detailed answer is that remote switch-type door actions require a sector tag. These are usually referred to as "SR" or "S1" types. Push-action line types, called DR or D1, automatically use the sector on their backside (and require that said sector exist or, in vanilla, the game will crash).

The vast majority of source ports do not change these semantics.

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