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Problem with mapinfo lump

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I made a MAPINFO lump for one of my maps by using XWE and I have several issues after making the MAPINFO lump.

I don't see the map's number in red letters same as the original maps.

In my first attempts when I finished my level the game didn't change
level, it returned to the beginning of the level.

Now when I finish the level it changes level without to show the endlevel part with the kills, secrets, items and next map name.

I did everything according to the example mentioned in zdoom's mapinfo.
So I have no idea what is wrong with my lump.
Can anyone give me a simple example? and my map is map 11 if it is necessary.

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Maybe this will help you:

map MAPxx "My Map Name"
next MAPxx
sky1 xxx 0
cluster 6
par xxx
music D_xxx
This lets you customize just about anything. The cluster and next lines are important. If you're using stock Doom 2, Map 11's cluster is 6. Each cluster is the "episode" definitions (the first 6 maps are cluster 5, and its episode epilogue text is clusterdef 5). This is how the game knows when to throw up its text screens, so if you aren't altering a lot of stuff, then you need to stick with the base cluster numbers that each level/text interlude has.

This information is what I'm using in my project and has been gathered from this thread.

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