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[Stronghold] Editing Reference (v1.0)

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The "Stronghold Editing Reference" is done, time to create your very own Stronghold maps!

A download link can be found here:
(bottom, it's over the main download of the game)

This is the first release. In case people encounter problems or have further questions, the chance is high that this editing reference gets updated. Just let me know if there is something unclear, I'd be happy if also people read this who have been part of the Stronghold team.


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Gave it a quick read - I think you've covered all the bases as far as using the Stronghold script and Stronghold specific things. One thing that might be handy though is a list of all the weapons and monsters (and their DECORATE names) so a mapper can easily reference what is included in the official .pk3 without having to double check on his own.

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