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General Rainbow Bacon

Another round of "place this screenshot"

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First one looks like Ballistyx (Never_Again = good chance that's from TNT)

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DoomHero, your second and third are, iirc, from Shipping/Respawning in Evilution. Third is unmistakibly the line of teleporters, while the second is probably the conveyorbelt behind it.

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Ragnor said:

Wormhole? Seriously? Thats one of my alltime favourite levels. I it in that unreachable area in the middle?

That section is only used for the starts in deathmathces.

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If youve edited textures slightly or moved some things, I'm clueless, as I dont generally memorise that kind of stuff It looks all normal to me. I dont remember the hole to the sky though. Maybe I'll gamble that as my answer. I just dont remember that at all.

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